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Our maintenance plans ensure thriving conditions so your WordPress website would continue to evolve and be one step ahead of the competition.


Let us hasten the expansion of your eCommerce platform by applying contemporary solutions to expand your digital ambitions.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

See for yourself why our customers are captivated by WPServices.

Clear-cut weekly reports


With a definitive weekly report, our customers can fully grasp the extent of the work we do. Our reports are coherent, thoughtful, and meticulous in detail. We strive daily to enhance websites and it is reflected in our reports.

The additional layer of security that our ongoing services provide is an instrumental asset in building a foundation for lucrative future endeavors.

User Dashboard

In our customized dashboards, you can handily submit emergency tickets, look at your previous orders, examine past reports, view ongoing subscriptions, manage your account, and so on. Everything is presented in a straightforward manner so you could quickly let us know what the issue is and how we can help you.

We are not just blowing hot air! Every update, modification, and edit will be reflected in the report and seen in your dashboard.

Premium Support

Every customer inquiry instantly becomes our priority. Sit back, relax and watch how we remedy your digital worries.

Houston, we got a problem!

Refresh the page one more time. We already fixed it​

Our team is available 24/7/365 to support you with digital solutions and resolve WordPress-related inquiries. Our hardened developers are ready to leave no stone unturned and implement necessary improvements to upgrade your website to the next level.

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Every dot on this picture represents 35 000 hacks happening daily!

OVER 1500000

WordPress websites are hacked daily by automatic primitive scripts due to the lack of basic security measures.

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Of the market share in the CMS market belongs to WordPress. Approximately 34% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. From year to year, the number of WordPress-based websites continues to steadily but surely grow.



Of third-party intrusion attempts on WordPress sites can be resolved within an hour after gaining access to internal files.





Of cases are resolved within a 24-hour time frame.

The average amount of time it takes WPServices to restore a website back to prime condition after receiving a request.

Our Esteemed Customers

We feel grateful to have taken part in the prosperous growth of our beloved eCommerce platforms.

Customer Experience

In our family-run eCommerce shop, we don't have any web developers, so it was hard to do anything with our new online shop without paying extra money to developers each time we needed something.

Luckily we found WPServices. At first, their service sounded too good to be true, but right on the first day we signed up, we noticed the value. They replied to our emails within minutes and resolved our issue in less than an hour.



As a creative director and designer, I rely on skilled developers to bring our clients websites to life. Alex and his team have been integral in helping us build many sites and maintain them long afterward. It’s a no brainer to have your site maintained just like it’s a no brainer to pay your car insurance. The peace of mind we get when we know our hard work is in good hands goes a long way. Our clients who opt for this service experience little to no website issues even as they age which makes their website ownership stress-free. We like stress-free clients and will keep on using this service as long as we are creating websites!


Flying Horse Design Studio

We've been spending a lot of money on website content editing, adding new pages, minor CSS adjustments per project basis. When we meat Alex he proposed to have a predictable WordPress maintenance service plan where we could get guaranteed hours whenever we need it. This type of plan has saved us thousands of euros.



For me, website editing and keeping it up to date has been always a hassle. Adding new portfolios, editing existing content, updating WordPress and plugins, this took too much of my time. Since I've chosen WPServices as my go-to WordPress professionals, I've been able to focus more on my business growth. Every week I receive my website care report and see how it has grown and what has been done in order to achieve this growth.


NM Productions

What sets
us apart?

In WPServices, a mutually beneficial relationship with customers is our foremost priority. Every person is unique and every case requires an individual approach. Productive conversation and rigorous brainstorming are the cornerstones of our business policy. Our dedicated team of experts will help you realize your aspirations and create the groundwork for the successful growth of your business.

WPServices team is an amalgam of people from various backgrounds. Our former experiences allow us to meticulously examine any problem you might encounter and implement solutions according to your business’s specifications. We are always ready to butt heads with any bug or hacker. In fact, it is our perseverance and tenacity that sets us apart!

We are efficient, we provide warranties and our solutions are guaranteed to work. Receive the service you deserve!

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