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5 Reasons Your WordPress Website Loads At A Snail Pace

Slow Website? Check the main reasons below

The faster is the website loading time, the quicker you can engage your audiences, nobody likes a slow website. If your server response time is slow, and it takes more than 3-5 seconds, then your customers tend to leave your website before it finishes loading. So, here are a few reasons that make your WordPress slow.

Choosing Wrong WordPress Theme

The WordPress themes are of different quality level, and there are several free themes also included. If you have chosen a heavy theme, then the server response time becomes slow. The thumb rule is to select a theme that has a file size of less than 2 MB. You can even check it through the speed checker by running it on the demo site. It is also not advisable to download the theme from any suspicious website as this may lead to catching spyware and viruses.

Installation of too many plugins

The WP plugins help you to optimize and customize your website as per your liking. As most of the plugins are free, so users tend to install everything whether they use it or not. This makes the WordPress slow that will ultimately hamper in turning your visitors into full-time customers. To improve the loading time be aware of the caching plugin, try replacing offending plugins with lighter plugins or look for the coding option.


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No Updates

You may receive WordPress plugin, theme or core update notifications, which become annoying most of the times. However, the users must not neglect them as they come with performance improvement features. You can use the best available plugins in the market like ‘Updater’ to check and update the WP core along with the installed plugins automatically. It will update the themes and plugins to the latest versions. This will help your WP site in staying update and will make the website loading time faster too.

Using Non-Optimized Images

Every business uses images to attract their visitors and turn them into full-time consumers. Moreover, it makes an annoying webpage into an interesting one. However, you need to use the fully optimized images that are of high quality and fits into the particular size requirements as well. Image size must be around 300X150 pixels, use sprites, and solid JPG images, etc. These things will reduce the file size drastically.

Choosing Poor Web Hosting Service

Another reason for WordPress slow is by using poor web hosting. Hosting is a critical player that affects the website performance. If you are on Shared Hosting, then you will receive the place that is marked for your website. This can also lead to slow server response time. The problem can be solved by using dedicated servers or VPS shares that are fully dedicated to your server only.


To sum up, if you are experiencing slow response time for your sites, then it is the time to choose the perfect website support for your website like WP AOS. We will help you with full website maintenance and support.


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