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BS agency

How partnering with WPServices has helped scale the business?


BS agency

specializes in a vibrant brand that is uncompromising about details and its own image. Selling, memorable, impressive and lively is the principle we apply to each of their clients.

From zero to hero! It’s not just such a figure of speech, because most of their clients come to them at a stage when they simply have nothing.

Through strategic thinking, goal setting and applying long years of experience in design, they assemble a company image and help in areas such as graphic design, UI/UX design, branding, copywriting and more.

Why Olga did choose WPServices?

WPServices specializes in WordPress maintenance, support, and development. Their deep expertise in these areas assured Olga that they could handle the specific needs of her clients’ websites efficiently and effectively.

Olga was impressed by WPServices’ portfolio and the positive testimonials from other clients. The demonstrated ability to enhance website performance and security was a key factor in her decision.

WPServices offered a complete package of services that aligned perfectly with BS Agency’s needs. This included regular updates, security monitoring, performance optimization, and custom development, all under one roof.

WHY WPServices?

WPServices' ability to scale their services according to the demands of our clients, and their flexibility in handling a variety of custom development projects, made them an ideal partner.

The Challenge

  1. Technical Maintenance: Ensuring all client websites were up-to-date and secure was a resource-intensive task that required technical expertise beyond BS Agency’s in-house capabilities.

  2. Performance Optimization: Client websites faced issues like slow loading times and occasional downtime, affecting user experience and satisfaction.

  3. Customization and Development: Clients often requested custom features that required skilled development resources, which were not always available within the agency.

  4. Consistent Support: Providing ongoing technical support and troubleshooting for client websites required a reliable partner to ensure quick and effective resolutions.

WPServices provided a dedicated help desk for our clients, ensuring that technical issues were resolved promptly. This commitment to reliable support was crucial for maintaining client satisfaction.

The Solution

WordPress Maintenance:

    • Regular Updates: WPServices took over the responsibility of keeping WordPress core, themes, and plugins up-to-date.
    • Security Monitoring: Continuous security monitoring and vulnerability scanning were implemented to protect client websites.

Custom Development:

      • Feature Integration: WPServices developed custom features tailored to client needs.
      • Theme Customization: They provided bespoke theme customization services, ensuring unique visual appeal and seamless functionality.

Ongoing Support:

    • Help Desk: A dedicated help desk offered prompt technical support and troubleshooting.
    • Client Training: WPServices conducted training sessions to empower clients in managing their websites.

By partnering with WPServices, BS Agency significantly enhanced its service offerings.

Case Study Recap

  • Increased Efficiency: Outsourcing technical maintenance and support allowed Olga and her team to focus on their core strength of graphic design.
  • Improved Performance: Client websites experienced faster load times and higher uptime, leading to better user experiences and increased satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Customization: The ability to offer tailored web solutions helped BS Agency attract more clients.
  • Reliable Support: A dedicated help desk ensured swift resolution of client issues, improving overall client satisfaction and relationships.

Olga and BS Agency now provide a comprehensive service combining top-tier graphic design with robust web operations, thanks to WPServices’ expert WordPress maintenance, support, and development services.

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Alexey Seryapin
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