Website Maintenance: How it Works

How does website maintenance work and how it can help you enjoy the freedom of secure, maintained, supported and up to date WordPress website? Now you can focus on your business and don't bother yourself with minutiae regarding your website.


Select Your Website Type

Whether you have a simple WordPress website or a WooCommerce store with hundreds of products, we offer website maintenance care plans/packages for both.

Usually, our care plans include weekly reports, theme & plugin updates, uptime monitoring, security & performance monitoring, emergency support and much more. The best part of our WordPress maintenance plan is that you can build your own custom plan/package.


Pick a Plan or Build Your Own

For simple WordPress business websites, blogs we offer 4 different plans - Maintain / Perform/ Scale / Build Your Own.

For more complex websites like WooCommerce online stores, websites that need custom coding, we have 3 additional maintenance plans - Maintain / Perform / Scale.

Website care plan prices depend on your website type and the features you are looking for. For example, do you need malware removal, daily or weekly backups, speed optimization or additional custom development?

If you can't decide which plan will work the best for your business, just send us a message and we'll create a custom plan or offer one of the care plans we have.


We Take Care of Your Site

After you've found the most suitable WordPress website maintenance plan and purchased it, within 24 hours we will set up your own private maintenance account.

Meanwhile, after the purchase is done you will receive an email from WPAOS. We will be asking for your hosting login information and WordPress admin dashboard login. This information we will use to connect your site with our maintenance account.

Of course, none of this information will be shared or sold to other services or businesses.


Receive Weekly Reports on Your Site

Get a transparent website report and know what plugins have been updated, what is your website uptime, how many backups do you have, what is your website performance, health, traffic and more.

If your looking for additional features, custom development or have some questions about your website and how to improve it, just send us a message to [email protected] or click here.



Enjoy Your Hassle-Free Website

Focus on your business and don't bother yourself with minutiae regarding your website. This is a realm of its own and we rule over it with high expertise and confidence.

If you're still not convinced then check out our case study on "Importance of Website Maintenance". You will be amazed at how website security, updates, and backups can help your business grow.



WooCommerce Maintenance Service

Save 17% with our Annual pricing plan.


Not Sure About WP AOS?

Listed below are the main reasons why companies and website owners like you hire us every single day. Stop wasting your time on website maintenance and keep it to professionals with 10+ years of experience!

We do the dirty work

You focus on your business

Your website becomes bulletproof

You get WordPress expert partner

You get easy to read analytics

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