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How to Change Your WooCommerce Order Numbers

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If you’ve ever used the popular ecommerce platform WooCommerce, you know that it automatically assigns order numbers to all purchases made through your store. While this is a great way to keep track of orders and provide customers with an easy reference number, sometimes you may need more control over your order numbers. Luckily, there is a way to customize your numbers so that they are easier to remember and manage. Here’s how.

Step 1: Install a Plug-in

The first step in changing your WooCommerce order numbers is to install the Sequential Order Number Pro plug-in. This simple plug-in will allow you to customize and control every aspect of your order number sequence, including the starting point, length, and format of each individual number. Once installed, activate the plug-in and you will be ready to start customizing your order numbers.

Step 2: Create Your Sequence

Once the plug-in is activated, it’s time to create your desired sequence for your order numbers. To do this, go into the Settings menu of the plug-in and select “Sequence Options.” From here, you can choose how many digits each number will be (for example 4 or 6 digits), what type of characters will be used (letters or numbers), and where the sequence should begin (the default starting point is usually 000001). You can also add prefixes or suffixes if needed.

Step 3: Automatically Generate Order Numbers

Now that you have created a desired sequence for your order numbers, it’s time to set up automatic generation for each new purchase made through your site. To do this, go into the Settings menu again and select “Automatic Generation.” Here, you can choose when each new number should be generated—either at checkout or when an item is shipped—as well as whether or not existing orders should retroactively receive new numbers based on the newly created sequence. Once these settings are saved, every new purchase made through your store will automatically receive a unique order number based on the criteria selected in Step 2.


With just a few clicks of a button and some basic configuration settings, you can now change or customize any aspect of your WooCommerce order numbers! This helpful feature will save time by cutting down on manual data entry while also giving customers an easy reference point for their orders going forward. Whether you want shorter or longer sequences or use letters instead of numbers—it’s all possible with Sequential Order Number Pro! So get started today—your customers will thank you!

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