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Creating pages is an important part of your website’s development. Pages are used to organize and display content in a structured way. Plus, they can be customized to meet the needs of your website. If you’re using a WordPress platform, creating pages is easy and straightforward. Let’s take a look at how you can add pages to your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

Step One – Log In To Your Admin Panel

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The first step to adding pages on WordPress is to log into your admin panel. This done by typing in the URL of your website followed by /wp-admin (example: Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the dashboard page where all the settings and management tools are located. From here, you will need to locate the “Pages” section on the left hand side menu and click on it.


Step Two – Add A New Page

Once you have clicked on “Pages,” you will be directed to a list of all existing pages as well as options for adding new ones. To create a new page, click on “Add New” at the top of this section which will open up an empty page template that has various fields for customizing your page such as title, content area, featured image and more. Once these fields are filled out with relevant information that pertains to what type of page you would like created, click “Publish” at the top right hand corner of this section and then it will officially become live and available for viewing on your website!


Step Three – Customize Your Page

Once your page has been published, there are many additional features that can be added or edited within it such as background colors or images as well as different sections for displaying text or images within it in creative ways (such as having one larger image that takes up most of the screen while having text displayed over top). These features can be accessed through the “Page Attributes” tab on the right hand side menu which contains options for changing layout or adding widgets (which are pre-made elements such as contact forms or polls that can be added easily). There are also various plugins available for further customization depending on what type of functionality is desired from this particular page being created!

Creating pages in WordPress is an easy process that doesn’t require any coding knowledge whatsoever! All it takes is three simple steps—logging into your admin panel, clicking “Add New” under Pages section and then filling out each field with relevant information pertaining to what type of page should be created—and then boom! You have yourself a brand new webpage ready to go live! Plus with additional customization options available through plugins or other features such as background colors or images, there’s no limit to how creative you can get when designing these types of webpages within WordPress! So don’t delay; start creating those amazing webpages today!

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