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How to Link to a Section of a Page with WordPress

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When building a website, there may be times when you want to link directly to a specific section on your page. This can be helpful for navigation purposes, as well as providing visitors with quick access to the information they are looking for. If you are using WordPress, there is an easy way to create this type of link. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Creating the Linked Anchor Text

The first step in linking to a section of your page is creating the linked anchor text. This is simply adding a line of code that links from one spot on your page to another. To do this, open the HTML editor and add the following code: Anchor Text Here, “#anchor-name” should be replaced by whatever you want to name your anchor (for example “blog”), and “Anchor Text” should be replaced by whatever text you want your readers to click on (for example, “Learn more about our blog”).

Adding the Anchor Tag

The next step is adding the anchor tag itself. To do this, scroll down until you find the section of your page that you want readers to navigate directly to when they click on the link. Add an opening and closing HTML tag around this section like so: Content Make sure that “anchor-name” matches exactly what was entered in Step One—otherwise, it won’t work properly!

Testing Your Link

Once both pieces of code have been added, it’s time for testing! Visit your page in preview mode and click on the anchor text—it should bring you directly down to that section of your page quickly and easily. If not, double check both pieces of code for any typos or mistakes; once fixed, try clicking again and it should work perfectly!

Linking directly from one spot on your page (like a call-to-action button) straight down into an important part of your content can help drive engagement and make navigating through longer pages easier. With WordPress’s simple HTML coding structure, anyone can create these types of links quickly and easily – making them an invaluable addition for any website owner!

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