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How to Link to Specific Parts of Your WordPress Page

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As website owners, we all know the importance of having engaging content. But sometimes, that content can become too long and disorganized if it’s not broken up into sections. Linking to specific parts of a page can help make navigating your website easier and more enjoyable for your visitors. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can link to specific parts of a WordPress page in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Add an Anchor Tag

The first step is to add an anchor tag, or a hyperlink, at each point on your page where you want people to be able to click and jump down the page. This anchor tag should link back to itself by using its own unique ID or name. For example, if you wanted someone to be able to jump from the top of the page directly down to the middle section you would need something like this: . Keep in mind that all anchor tags must have unique IDs or names so they don’t conflict with one another.

Step 2: Create a Target Point

Once you have created your anchor tag in Step 1, you will need to create a target point for it on your page. To do this, simply create an HTML element with the same ID or name as your anchor tag from Step 1 (i.e., “middle-section”). The HTML element could be any type—a div, paragraph tag, heading tags—as long as it has the same ID as your anchor tag from Step 1. Once that is done, visitors who click on the link at the top of the page will be directed straight down towards this target point on the lower part of your WordPress page!

Step 3: Test Out Your Links

To make sure everything is working properly before publishing your page live onto your website, test out each link by clicking on them individually and making sure they lead directly where they are supposed to go. If something isn’t working correctly or something looks off, go back through these steps again until everything is working properly.


With just three simple steps outlined in this blog post – adding an anchor tag, creating a target point and testing out links – linking between different sections of a WordPress page has never been easier! By linking between various parts of a single webpage rather than multiple pages within one site makes navigation simpler and more user-friendly for viewers. So take some time today and see what improvements you can make with linking on your own WordPress pages!

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