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How to Login as WordPress Admin

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Are you a website owner or a WordPress user? If so, you may have wondered how to login as WordPress admin. The WordPress admin login page is where the backend of your site can be accessed and managed. This page is the control center of your website and it’s important to know how to properly access it. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps needed in order to log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

Logging in as WordPress Admin with Username and Password

The first step is easy: go to the login page for your website. This is usually located at, where ‘yourdomainname’ would be replaced with the actual name of your domain (e.g., You should now see a login form that looks something like this:

From here, you can enter your username and password in order to gain access to the admin dashboard. If you don’t know what these credentials are, they can usually be found in an email sent by your web host when you setup your account with them or in the settings section of whichever control panel you use (e.g., cPanel). Once you’ve entered this information, hit the ‘Login’ button and you should now be taken straight into the backend area of your website!

Resetting Your Password

If for some reason you can’t remember or find either of these credentials, there are a few ways that you can reset them – one being from within the WordPress Dashboard itself (if available). To do this, navigate to Settings > General and then scroll down until you see an option called “Password Reset” (or something similar). Here, simply enter a new password for yourself and then save it – this should then enable you to login using this newly created password instead of any older ones that may have been forgotten or misplaced! Alternatively, if this isn’t available within the dashboard itself then most hosting companies also offer their own methods for resetting passwords via their control panels (e.g., cPanel). It is always recommended that users change their passwords regularly in order to ensure maximum security on their websites; especially if multiple people have access rights over it!


Logging into your WordPress admin panel is important if you want full control over all aspects of your website’s functionality and design. Fortunately, it’s not hard at all – just make sure that you have both your username and password handy before attempting to access it! If not, then resetting them is quite simple too – either from within the dashboard itself or via whatever control panel provided by your hosting company (e.g., cPanel). Now that we’ve gone through all that’s needed for logging into a WordPress admin area successfully – why not give it a try now? With just a few clicks of a button, everything could soon be up and running like never before!

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