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Website Security Statistics in 2023

87% of websites have high or medium cyber security risks

As per Acunetix's Web Application Vulnerability Report 2019 over 87% of websites have medium or high security vulnerabilities.

Here's a short but straight forward explanation on what are vulnerabilities:

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses in a system, such as a website, network perimeter device, or an appliance. Vulnerabilities create security threats. For instance, negative events that can lead to an undesired outcome.

High Severity

This level indicates that an attacker can fully compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a target system without specialized access. User interaction or circumstances that are beyond the attacker’s control. It is very likely to allow escalation of the attack to other systems on the network of the vulnerable application.

Medium Severity

This level indicates that an attacker can partially compromise the confidentiality,
integrity or availability of a target system. Therefore specialized access, user interaction, or circumstances that are beyond the attacker’s control may be required for an attack to succeed. It is very likely to be used in conjunction with other vulnerabilities to escalate an attack.

In conclusion, the internet is very fragile, so you need to secure yourself against possible security issues.

High Security Severity
High Security Severity
Medium Security Severity
Medium Security Severity

43% of cyber attacks on small business

SCORE 2018 report states that in 2017, 43% of cyber attacks were made on small businesses. This number is expected to increase...

Macro malware is the predominant type of cybercrime affecting small businesses, with online banking and ransomware attacks trailing close behind.

In 2017 there were 113,000 incidents on small businesses documented:

  • Macro malware is embedded within email attachments, such as word processing documents.
  • 39% of the 269 billion emails sent and received in 2017 were spam messages.
  • Small businesses can protect themselves from macro malware by avoiding downloading attachments from unknown email addresses and disabling macros in Microsoft applications.

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68% of websites doesn't have a recovery plan

An average cost to businesses per attack is $133,000 which includes downtime, lost opportunities, and recovery. Therefore, to avoid these recovery costs, every website has to have off-site scheduled backups with quick emergency site restoration enabled.

In other words, an effective website recovery plan can save you a fortune.


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