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WordPress Services

WP AOS is a white label WordPress services provider that specializes in helping agency owners, just like you, to grow their WordPress business.

Whether you need WordPress maintenance, on demand support, quick fixes, malware removal, or a monthly retainer for development, we've got you covered.

Apply for our white label WordPress services, and grow your agency today!

Apply For White Label WordPress Support Services

Your WordPress White Label Partner

Looking to increase the profits of your WordPress business?
Resell our WordPress white label services at your own pricing to your customers and get predictable revenue without lifting a finger, we'll do all the dirty work for you.


Suitable for:

If you have multiple clients websites, you should consider offering them WordPress maintenance plans to secure their website and to have an additional revenue stream.

For Design Studios

Your design studio will get happy clients, stable websites and predictable revenue stream!

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For Marketing Agencies

Your marketing agency will get a stress free environment when it comes to websites, as we take complete care of your clients!

For Freelancers

You will get a great service to offer your clients, thus you will be showing your capabilities and that you care about your client website!

How WordPress White Label Support Works?


Register your websites with

Our streamlined onboarding process makes handing off your clients’ maintenance and support needs a seamless transition.

We’ll walk you through it all so the rollout happens without a hitch!


We create a mailbox in our helpdesk system

Part of the onboarding process is setting up your white label support email in our help desk system. ([email protected], for example.)

You’ll have the option to be copied into every conversation between your clients and our happiness engineers, if you want. You can also create your own custom signature.


Our team becomes your team

All messages sent to your support email address will be forwarded to the support mailbox on our side.

Support requests from your clients will be received by our happiness engineers and they’ll reply using your branded email address.


Distribute your support email address to clients

Let your clients know they have access to unlimited 24/7 WordPress support and to send all content edits and small task requests to your support email address.

Our happiness engineers will respond directly under your branded email and resolve the issue ASAP.


Relax and your clients are being taken care of

We measure our success by the happiness of our customers. It’s our goal to make sure your clients aren’t only satisfied with the support but that they’re happy because of it.

And they’ll have your agency to thank for the exceptional care and attention!

Impress Your Clients with Professional WordPress Support

Improve and secure your websites today!

Our White Label WordPress Services Includes

Sell a Much Needed Service

Upsell to your existing clients or attract new clients with the services and skills that are provided by our pros

Set Your Own Margins

Sell any of our plans at the price you want and get up to 50% off on our plans!

We'll Handle the Communication

Simply create an additional company e-mail for our helpdesk, so we can take care of your clients as a part of your team

Services Under Your Brand

We take care of all things speed, security, maintenance and white-labeled reporting (your brand colors, logo)

Easy Payments

Receive payment for our services from your clients and then pay us. You're 100% in control of these services.

Premium Plugins

When you choose to white-label our maintenance plans, your clients will receive premium service and plugins

Win, Win, Win Situation

We win because you chose us, you win, because you get all the credit form your clients, your client wins because they receive premium service

Guided Passive Income

Our SkyRocket Plan costs as low as $109 with white-label discount. Sell 5 of them for $250 and earn $705 without any work, monthly

Provide Full Stack Support

Scale your portfolio and appeal by providing our professional services as your own and gain more revenue and clients


Apply for our white-label and start earning today!

You are the perfect candidate

You have a successful WordPress business / freelancing career

You have multiple clients who are ready for care plans now

The majority of your clients are friendly and easy to work with

You’re looking for a long-term technical WP partner.

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