why website maintenance is important?

Importance of Website Maintenance

The importance of website maintenance is always the question for any business, regardless of its size. The most common question we get is Why do I need website maintenance? Owning a website is just like owning a brand new car. And similar to cars, websites also need regular maintenance. Depending on business size and needs, maintenance will be needed monthly, weekly or even daily.

Find out the main reasons why website maintenance is important for every business.

Reason #1

Website security

Most modern websites are based on open source CMS like WordPress or Drupal. With all the benefits of open source CMS has to offer, there is a downside too.

WordPress and other systems are continuously updated and new security patches get released on a weekly basis. On the other hand, the hackers are trying to exploit vulnerabilities of an outdated software.

Quick stats

87% of websites

have high or medium cyber security risks

43% of attacks

are targeted on small businesses

68% of websites

doesn't have a recovery plan in place

With a professional website maintenance service, your website will be always kept up to date and secure. This helps you focus on your business instead of worrying about your website.

Without proper website security setup and maintenance service, you risk getting your site hacked or broken which can result in additional expenses or damage.

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Reason #2

Software updates

Think of the website like a smartphone or a laptop, it also runs software to manage the website content. And as every software website software also is always getting updates to ensure security, stability and new features.

So website software needs to be updated on a regular basis, just like in smartphones, laptops and even cars. Which increases the importance of website maintenance.

Quick stats

27.2% of websites

has updated to latest WordPress version

73.2% of websites

are running outdated & vulnerable software

50,000+ plugins

are available on WordPress directory

By updating the software on a regular basis your website will be always up to date and reducing the risk of getting hacked. However, doing the updates on the poorly created website can result in a broken website. So, before the updates, backup has to be made.

Reason #3

Scheduled backups

Every website is like a living organism, it always changes and keeps getting updated. However, there are cases when a recent backup is needed. Whether it is needed for website restoring or development purposes.

Quick stats

68% of websites

doesn't have a data recovery plan

Up by 400%

in website data loss since 2012

140,000 hard drives 

fail in the United States each week

A standard backup solution provides you with a database and assets backup file stored on the same server your website is. This is a potential risk, if your server is hacked, unwanted users can get access of your website data.

To avoid this risk, we offer scheduled offsite backups which will be stored on a secured and optimized data center, for fast and easy website restoration.

wordpress offsite backups
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Reason #4

Website speed improvements

Users and search engines like Google likes a fast loading websites. As it is one of the most important user experience benchmarks.

With the website being updated and new assets being loaded, websites tend to become slower, which can result in lower rankings and less customers.

Quick stats

53% of visitors

leave your website if it's loads slower than 3s.

77% of websites

take more than 10s to load on mobile

1s delay

reduces conversion by up to 20%

With a professional website maintenance plan in place, your website speed will be monitored and taken care of. Thus you get a fast loading website which your customers and Google will love. Turning that into more sales and higher rankings.

Reason #5

Tracking and improving SEO

Do you know your website rankings on Google for your main keywords? Most of the website owners don't. Be ahead of your competition and know your rankings and take the necessary steps to improve your SEO.

Quick stats

93% of the time

first online experience begins with search

58% of searches

comes from mobile devices

46% of results

are local business websites

With any website maintenance plan, we offer SEO ranking checker, so you can be ahead of your competition and know your websites' exact position for every keyword.

Don't be in the dark and start tracking your website rankings today.

Website SEO Ranking Checker

Reason #6

Saving time & money in the long run

Owning a website is like a marathon, you need to diversify expenses, efforts, and resources moderately.

If you are emailing your developer or agency couple times per week, chances are the fees you are charged are adding up quite fast. However, with a website maintenance plan, you will get discounted rates and predictable results with controlled expenses.

Quick stats

Avg of $133,000

is a cost to recover business after attack

5 minutes

to recover if you have recovery plan

Reason #7

Brand reputation

Imagine your website becomes very slow, broken or even hacked... How would your customer see your brand? Most likely as a weak, unstable, untrustworthy brand.  Result of this scenario is customer, turnover and reputation loss...

Even 1-minute downtime can result in thousands of dollars in losses and what if it's hours of downtime?

This reason has the highest importance of website maintenance of all the above.

Quick stats

93% of people

say online reviews impact decision

70% of people

say they won't buy if they don't like the brand

87% of people

do comparison shop for every purchase

If you care about your brand, you should consider website maintenance services.

With website maintenance plans we offer 24/7 website uptime, security and performance monitoring to avoid these issues.


What's next?

Select Your Plan

As you now know why website maintenance is important, choose right plan and let's get started


WordPress Monthly Maintenance

From: $ 79 / month

Make Your WordPress website bulletproof by allowing us to update plugins, themes and WordPress itself. In addition to that, we will monitor your website, keep track of performance, health status, rankings, uptime in a scheduled PDF report.


WooCommerce Monthly Maintenance

From: $ 149$ 99 / month

Make Your WooCommerce shop bulletproof by allowing us to update plugins, themes and WordPress itself. In addition to that, we will monitor your website, keep track of performance, health status, rankings, uptime in a scheduled PDF report.