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Are you looking for the best marketplace paid themes that you can use right now for your WordPress? We will be seeing some of the best marketplace themes you can use if you are planning to implement multi-vendor functionality on your WordPress website. Here are list of the best recommendations 25 marketplace paid themes for WordPress.

List of 25 Marketplace Paid Themes for WordPress:

#1 One mall

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

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The best theme you can use is One mall. It’s the theme that uses Ajax-based search to allow users n finding the best products. You will get a drag and drop builder to create the front page. Further, it’s a multi-purpose theme used for every single category. RTL is also supported here which is a good thing. As the name says, it will look like a mall and has all the features for the same. It gives you all the reasons to love this theme that’s why list it in 25 Marketplace Paid Themes for WordPress.

View One mall theme

#2 Metro

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

You can always go with the Metro theme. Elementor is available on the theme. It came with Redux and comes with a Redux framework. You can surely go with this theme if you want. It supports Dokan as well as many other marketplace plugins. This is yet another great option for Metro. The theme looks modern and it will surely attract the customers to browse more products on your website. You can use it for any niche.

View Metro theme

#3 Elector

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

You can always go with Elector if you are planning to create an electronic store or we should say a multi-vendor electronic store. The theme is customizable and there are all the plugins and functionalities you will need to run an electronic store. The theme has all the filters that people need if they want to purchase an electronic product. Hence, you can surely go with this theme. You can also use it for other niches if you like the appearance.

View Electro theme

#4 Aabbe

If you are running a digital product marketplace, Aabbe is a good choice for you. It has awesome graphics which makes it best for digital products. You can surely use it for physical products too. The graphics are made using Elementor page builder. It allows you to import any page and start working on it with ease. There are many features and widgets to make sure that the user will be able to search the products with ease.

View Aabbe theme

#5 Makplus

If you want a better theme, you can go with the Bootstrap theme. It allows you to have a beautiful design for your website. It works with Bootstrap 4. As it’s by Bootstrap, you can surely rely on mobile responsiveness and other similar things. It also has an Elementor page builder that is extremely easier to use and provides you with various features to do all the things. There are demo pages to import and start customizing.

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View Makplus theme

#6 Mayosis

If you are looking for an Etsy-styled theme, this is the best choice you can go with. It has a front-end submission feature which is yet another great thing you can go with. It has been the top choice of the people due to which it has got many sales. As the reviews are great, you can surely rely on this theme. There are various pages from which you can choose the favorite one. Each of them is similar to Etsy.

View Mayosis theme

#7 Rigid

Are you the one who is looking for the best marketplace theme that is Classic and uses minimal design? Rigid is the best-rated theme for you. If you are selling any art-related items or it can also work for the fashion theme. However, if you are someone who is also looking for modern looks, this might not be the best one for you. You can surely go with it if you don’t confuse the user by giving a lot of options.

View Rigid theme

#8 Marketo

The next theme is also great for marketplace themes. There are many types of websites you can create here. It allows you to have any niche you want. For the same reason, they have got various demos that are easy to import and use. You can quickly import the demo and start working on it if you don’t want to waste your time building the entire page all by yourself. The theme is compatible with all the plugins.

View Marketo theme

#9 Oswad

If you are looking for a versatile theme, Oswad is a great option here. It can be used anywhere for almost all types of websites. That’s why we list it in our Marketplace Paid Themes for WordPress. The theme focused more on the user side and the sales part. Therefore, it also has the chat plugin. With this, the users can chat with the vendors or the admin. This will help you in providing better services and making sure that you are getting what you want. Therefore, you can surely use this theme.

View Oswad theme

#10 Lewear

For the people who are planning to create Etsy styled website for your customers, you can go with the Lewear theme. If you are thinking that it’s a law-firm theme, you are wrong here. Instead, it’s a Fashion theme that supports all the plugins that you can probably use. Therefore, people prefer this theme. Many recommended filters are good for the people who want to start a fashion store and have multi-vendor functionality there.

View Lewear theme

#11 Fashion

Yet another great theme that you can use for your clothing store and fashion relates stuff is Fashion. It’s a great theme that comes Live theme editor. The live theme editor will allow you to have the complete capability to build the website you want. With this, you can surely create the best website. The theme is classic for marketplace paid Themes for WordPress. If you are selling traditional dresses or apparel, you can go with this theme. Many people prefer this type of theme

View Fashion theme

#12 Handy

Handy is a theme for the Art website. If you are selling handmade items or your vendors are selling the same thing, you can go with this hand-stylish theme. It comes with a revolution slider which is great and allows you to have the website as per your wish. You can build the pages or directly import the given pages. Either way, the theme looks great. The revolution slider also has demo templates.

View Handy theme

#13 Handmade

For the people who own a hand-made or craft store, you can go with the classic or minimal there. It has various filters especially for the people who are running a store that sells crafts and art. You can surely go with the handmade theme too. The theme follows a classic pattern that represents the traditional hand-made items. The name of the theme tells the rest of the things. It has a visual composer.

View Handmade theme

#14 Dealsdot

Like the name says, the theme is especially for the people who want to offer discounts. Many stores are popular to give the items in discount. For those people, Dealsdot is the best modern theme to go with. There are cool features that allow you to add flash deals or a sales page. All these are enough to make sure that you are getting what you want. You can surely build pages with WPBakery page builder here.

View Dealsdot theme

#15 iBid

We covered many types of themes but what about the theme for the auctions. There are people out there who are focused on auctions. If you want to focus on the actions, you can go with this theme. The auction will allow the users to make the big and the item will be sold to the highest bidder. The theme follows the same pattern and its a good choice. This is why  we list it in Marketplace Paid Themes for WordPress. You can use it for all the niches including electronics. Most of the features are given here which is a great thing.

View iBid theme

#16 Besa

The Besa theme is perfect for you if you have experience using plugins like Elementor. It has various demo pages that can be easily imported and customized. You can either do that or you can also create your page if you are good at it. The mobile-friendly design will allow you to focus on the mobile audience as well. This is yet a great thing you will get here. Overall, the theme is great.

View Besa theme

#17 Cartzilla

Cartzilla is focused on Digital products but you can surely use it for anything you want. It works with Dokan that is a great thing. There is an ajax filter is given using which you can create the search bar and load items fast. You can use Dokan here. Dokan is a great plugin if you are providing the features for multi-vendors. Therefore, you can surely get this theme.

View Cartzilla theme

#18 Martfury

Martfury is great for everyone no matter what type of website you want to create. You can use Marfury for all the purposes. It supports all the plugins and also has the best pages built for you. The ratings are great.

View Martfury theme

#19 Oasis

Oasis is yet another classic marketplace theme. Generally, it is used by people who are selling furniture, book, electronics, and fashion-related stuff. If you like the design, you can surely use it for other purposes too. This depends on you and how you want to use it. The theme has great reviews and is popular among people.

View Oasis theme

#20 Shopkeeper

If you are looking for the best-selling theme or you want to go with the widely popular theme, Shopkeeper is the one for you. There are more than 27k copied sold. It has functionalities like YouTube and has various elements. The theme follows the classic and minimal approach of design. The rating of the premium themes is good.

View Shopkeeper theme

#21 Kuteshop

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

Kuteshop is mostly suited for the people who want to build an electronic store. It supports RTL which is yet another great thing. There are more than 15 pre-made templates here. You can import the one you want. Most of them are for electronics. If you have your website in other niches, you will have to create the page on your own. That’s a disadvantage.

View Kuteshop theme

#22 Marketica

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

For people who love grid layout and are looking for a Modern theme, Marketica with visual composer can be a great option here. It supports 4 vendor plugins including Dokan and WC vendors. The theme shows the exact appearance of the marketplace. If your preferred plugin is supported, you can go with this theme.

View Marketica theme

#23 Flatastic

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

SEO-friendly themes are great. That’s why we love Flatastic. The theme comes with great SEO that makes the ranking process extremely easier and better. You can surely rely upon their in-built SEO even if you want to get organic traffic. It has clean code and live chat is also included here. The design and the functionalities are also great here. So, it’s not just about the SEO.

View Flatastic theme

#24 Catalog

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

The theme has a minimal approach to design. It’s easy to use and the speed of the theme is fast. The theme is simple yet many people love the theme. It will simply show the catalogue of the product and the users can choose the one that suits them. Therefore, it has gained a lot of popularity among users and people prefer this theme. If you are a fan of the minimal theme, you are going to love this. If not, you can surely find another approach that goes perfectly well for you.

View Catalog theme

#25 Tmexco

Paid Themes for WooCommerce

Last but not the least, we have got Tmexco on the List. It’s a theme for a digital marketplace where the vendors can add the products they want and users can buy them. The approach is unique and better. However, there are only two demos here. This can be disappointing for the people who directly want to import the pages and work n that.

View Tmexco theme

Final Words – Marketplace Paid Themes for WordPress

To conclude, this was all about how you can create the best theme that can work for you. All the themes are for the marketplace. If you are using any of the multi-vendor plugins and looking for the best themes, any of these can be the best choice for you. It’s surely your choice on which you should select. You can view the live demos and then you can decide which is right for you. This will allow you to make the best choice.

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