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You might be wondering – how exactly does the WPServices work? To find out, either contact us or take a look below at a quick synopsis of our services. 

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We are well aware that time is of the essence. No business can stand still and without a clear direction, your virtual store cannot prosper. WPServices premium support ensures that with every service we offer, a dedicated project manager will be at your disposal to ensure smooth communication.

In just 3 steps you will have to provide basic information about your website and the type of service you want to employ. We will contact you immediately and explain how to safely send us the login credentials. 

Every WPServices has been split into tailor-made packages so we could accommodate businesses of all sizes. Whether it is a family-run enterprise or a retail chain, our packages allow you to pick the most suitable option for your digital needs.

The core differences between packages are clearly shown to help you note the distinctions. We believe in a customer-friendly pricing module and our service packages are proof of that.

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After choosing a service package and providing us with login credentials, you can take a sip of wine and look at how we restore your website back to pristine condition. Furthermore, we upgrade current features and implement new security layers to enhance existing functionality and safeguard your website.

It takes WPServices approximately 55 minutes to revive a website after gaining access to internal files. Prompt response time is one of the pillars of WPServices. 

If you have subscribed to one of our maintenance plans, then it will be just the beginning of the journey. Every day we will make both minor and major updates and ensure the stability of your website.

Each and every one of your virtual worries will become our worries. Website edits, performance monitoring, speed optimization, off-site backups and so much more. You name it, we do it. 


weekly reports

The cherry on top of the cake is our weekly progress reports. A thorough statement of everything we have accomplished. With such a comprehensive tool at your fingertips, you can make sure that we are not slacking off and that everything is coming along according to plan!

Of course, we understand that the average user is not familiar with programming jargon and peculiarities in web development. We have customized our reports in such a way, that they are clairvoyant to anyone at the first glance.

What sets
us apart?

In WPServices, a mutually beneficial relationship with customers is our foremost priority. Every person is unique and every case requires an individual approach. Productive conversation and rigorous brainstorming are the cornerstones of our business policy. Our dedicated team of experts will help you realize your aspirations and create the groundwork for the successful growth of your business.

WPServices team is an amalgam of people from various backgrounds. Our former experiences allow us to meticulously examine any problem you might encounter and implement solutions according to your business’s specifications. We are always ready to butt heads with any bug or hacker. In fact, it is our perseverance and tenacity that sets us apart!

We are efficient, we provide warranties and our solutions are guaranteed to work. Receive the service you deserve!

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, every website deserves the care and expertise of a professional maintenance team, ensuring optimal performance, enhanced security, and seamless user experiences, so you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

Alexey Seryapin
Founder of WPServices

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Alexey Seryapin
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