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WordPress Migration Service

Navigate your digital transition smoothly with our premier WordPress Migration Service, ensuring your website’s shift to its new hosting environment is not only seamless but also secure and completely in line with your operational needs.

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From: $ 199

Our scheduled backup policy ensures that every piece of information from your website will remain intact whilst preserving existing functionality.

Secure Off-Site Backups

With our supplementary security measures, your every asset of your websites database will be protected against third-party intrusion and possible data theft.

Shielded Data Transfer

A team of veteran web developers will thoroughly examine your online eCommerce platform and do the required configuration.

Configuration & Testing

WPServices in 3 simple steps:

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Take a look at our maintenance plans and pick one that best suits your needs.

Submit Credentials

Finalize the order and we will brief you on how to securely send us the login details.

Make a coffee

Have a sip of coffee and observe how we remedy current issues on your website.

WordPress Migration Service Prices

Our support packages are tailored to meet our clients’ specifications and desires. Pick the most convenient package for your situation and let us strive to improve and oversee your website.

WordPress Website

For simple WordPress website: unlimited posts/pages
$ 199 per migrated website
  • Completed WordPress migration 24 - 48 hours
  • WooCommerce support
  • Advanced functionality
  • Data migration
  • Files migration
  • Configuration
  • iThemes Security Pro (lifetime licence)
  • Advanced security setup
  • Priority support

Advanced WordPress

For advanced WordPress websites: custom post types, advanced functionality
$ 799 per migrated website
  • Completed WordPress migration 24 - 48 hours
  • WooCommerce support
  • Advanced functionality
  • Data migration
  • Files migration
  • Configuration
  • iThemes Security Pro (lifetime licence)
  • Advanced security setup
  • Priority support

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Why should you use the WPServices migration service?

Peace of Mind

Constantly having to worry about your website’s health, performance, security, and potential hazards can frustrate you to oblivion. Our team of experts at WPServices can take this burden off your shoulders. Let us focus on everything WordPress-related while you fully dedicate yourself to your business.

WPServices migration service will be the first step in your brand's digital transformation.

Safeguarded Data Transfer

When a website undergoes such substantial changes as complete migration, then even the most microscopic error can cause irreversible damage. Vast alterations affect SEO rankings and directly influence search engine visibility. 

By employing our migration service, you can be sure that your website will preserve all original functions and your relationship with SEO will not plummet. We will even make certain optimization upgrades to enhance existing features and secure an effortless migration.

It is our prerogative to deliver quality service in a timely fashion.

Migration Time

Implementation of Security Measures

Having firm web safeguards in place is essential for online businesses of any size. Our migration service includes the iThemes Security Pro plugin that integrates state-of-the-art security measures into your website. It gets even better! There is no additional fee involved as we will support you with a lifetime license and a professional security setup.

Forgo worries about likely security incidents. Your website will be protected 24/7/365 under constant vigil by our veteran web developers. Any cybersecurity concerns you might have will be addressed instantly. Time-tested solutions for any situation.

Never Again

Customer Experience

In our family-run eCommerce shop, we don't have any web developers, so it was hard to do anything with our new online shop without paying extra money to developers each time we needed something.

Luckily we found WPServices. At first, their service sounded too good to be true, but right on the first day we signed up, we noticed the value. They replied to our emails within minutes and resolved our issue in less than an hour.



As a creative director and designer, I rely on skilled developers to bring our clients websites to life. Alex and his team have been integral in helping us build many sites and maintain them long afterward. It’s a no brainer to have your site maintained just like it’s a no brainer to pay your car insurance. The peace of mind we get when we know our hard work is in good hands goes a long way. Our clients who opt for this service experience little to no website issues even as they age which makes their website ownership stress-free. We like stress-free clients and will keep on using this service as long as we are creating websites!


Flying Horse Design Studio

We've been spending a lot of money on website content editing, adding new pages, minor CSS adjustments per project basis. When we meat Alex he proposed to have a predictable WordPress maintenance service plan where we could get guaranteed hours whenever we need it. This type of plan has saved us thousands of euros.



For me, website editing and keeping it up to date has been always a hassle. Adding new portfolios, editing existing content, updating WordPress and plugins, this took too much of my time. Since I've chosen WPServices as my go-to WordPress professionals, I've been able to focus more on my business growth. Every week I receive my website care report and see how it has grown and what has been done in order to achieve this growth.


NM Productions

Consistent customer service and steadfast guarantees work in tandem

These options apply to all packages.

30-day Refund Policy Assurance

If you are dissatisfied with our service, then we will make a refund within 30 days.

Secure Payment System

Your payment details are protected by an SSL certificate and Stripe / Paypal.

24/7 Customer Support

You can contact us 24/7/365 with any WordPress-related inquiry.

What else can we do?

WordPress Migration Service FAQ

Will there be any downtime?

No. Your website will be migrated to the new host account whilst your old WordPress website still points to the old host. Only when the migration process has been completed, DNS records will be updated, this means your domain will still serve content from the existing host until DNS has updated and propagated, which can take up to 24 – 48 hours.

Does this work for WooCommerce stores?

Yes, if you choose the WooCommerce website plan, we will migrate your WooCommerce online shop with unlimited products, posts, and pages.

How long does it take?

Usually, WordPress migration is completed within 2 hours, however, in more complex cases it can take up to 48 hours.

Do you take care of any DNS updates?

Yes, DNS records can be updated for you. You will need to provide access to your domain / DNS provider in order for us to make updates and also provide the DNS records of your new host.

Can you transfer my site to a new domain name?

Yes, we can transfer your website to a new domain name. After the successful transfer, we will reconfigure it for you, so your migrated WordPress installation matches a new domain name.

Do you offer other WordPress services?

Yes, we do provide these WordPress related services:

  • WordPress Maintenance
  • WooCommerce Maintenance
  • WordPress Speed Optimization Service
  • WordPress Emergency Service
  • WordPress Malware Removal Service

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Alexey Seryapin
Founder of WPServices