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7 WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Site Safe

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If you are looking for a content management system that is both assured and secured, say hello to WordPress. But due to its genuine popularity, hackers have begun to target it. On that note, it is a given that all sites are vulnerable to some extent. And that is why the topic of WordPress security tips has come into play.

However, most of these threats can be eliminated if you spend a short while deploying these seven battle-tested tips to keep your site safe. So, without any further ado, let us get started right away. Here are the 7 WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Site Safe.

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Security starts with installing an SSL Certificate

Nowadays, steering yourself away from the shackles of cyberattacks is critical for your business. So, add an extra layer of security by installing the right kind of SSL Certificate without delay. When you have this certificate in place, it becomes nearly impossible for cybercriminals to break into your systems and misuse your precious data, such as the customers’ PII. Additionally, it encrypts all your in-transit information which can be decrypted only by the intended recipient. Searching for the best SSL certificate for your WordPress webshop may seem like a bit of a task, but we have got you covered.

For eCommerce webshop owners with multiple first-level subdomains such as payment, blog, product pages under the main domain, we strongly recommend going for a wildcard SSL certificate. When you install this certificate, you can afford premium encryption to the chosen main domain and an unlimited number of first-level subdomains under it. You can find different brand’s Wildcard SSL like, RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate, Comodo Positive wildcard, Thawte Wildcard SSL, and more in the market. This saves you the cost and hassles involved in buying separate single-domain SSL certificates for each new subdomain you choose to add.

Limit the Number of Login Attempts – WordPress Security Tips

WordPress lets the users log in as many times as they wish to, by default. While this might save you some time to retype your passwords, it certainly paves the way for hackers too. Hence, when you limit the number of login attempts, you automatically limit the chances of a brute force attempt.

This way, the hackers get locked before they can sniff away your precious data. You can easily find this under your Settings > Login Limit Attempts. Once you do that, you will see a notification that looks something like this:

WordPress Security Tips

Now, the basic element of any website’s security starts with a password. What does a strong password constitute? Off late, it must have a tough combination of digits, alphabets, signs, symbols, and length. Please give it a nice mix and see that it is not something commonly used now and then. Also, make it a point to update your passwords. Changing it every three months is always a good idea. Using a complicated password cuts down the chances of getting hacked by up to 50%, so there is no reason why you should not be using it.

Stay Updated with the Latest WordPress Version

One of the best practices of keeping your website safe and secure is updating your WordPress to the latest version. The thing here is, with every update, the developers deploy some updates with the latest security features. So, by staying updated with the latest version, you safeguard yourself from getting targeted and steer away from hackers who wish to gain access to your account.

WordPress Security Tips

On similar tracks, it is equally vital to update your plugins and themes for the same causes.(WordPress Security Tips.)

Opt for frequent Back Ups

What does backing up mean? When you back up, you create a copy of all the site’s data and preserve it somewhere else. This way, even if you lose out on all your precious files, you will still find a way out to have it all secured at another place.

Long story short, you do not lose out on anything. You can choose to back up your files offline, or you can additionally back them up on a cloud space too. This way, you never lose a thing and can recover instantly even if you hit a crisis at a given point in time.

Install a Firewall on your WordPress site – Security Tips

Aside from installing a firewall on your system or desktop, you might as well consider getting it on your WordPress sites too. Installing this type of firewall adds an extra layer of security to your site and protects it from malware attacks, cybercriminal acts, viruses, and more.

Consider Renaming your Login URL

The URL you use to log into your dashboard is always wp-admin or wp-login.php, and this happens by default. This is then added after your site’s main URL. Guess what? This is what makes it incredibly easy for hackers to break into your system. If you rename or change this bit of your URL, you cut down the chances of getting yourself in trouble. It is tough for them to guess a login URL that has been customized manually.

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Once you do that, your sites look more secure, and it becomes nearly impossible for hackers to steal away your data and vital information.

That’s a Wrap about 7 WordPress Security Tips

If you take a backseat in maintaining the security on your WordPress sites, the cybercriminals can easily hack into your data and destroy it in and out. While that is a scary thought, it certainly is not the end of the world. Secure WordPress site today itself with these seven battle-tested tips up your sleeve. Know that the security that you provide to yourself and your users lies in your hands. It is crucially important that you take a notch up on your security aspects and see that it is not compromised on any note.

Following these seven tricks will help you see the right path and secure your system following the long haul.

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