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Best WooCommerce themes for online consumer electronics shops

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This post is all about selecting one from the Best WooCommerce themes for online consumer electronics shops. If you own an online consumer electronics shop, you will need to make sure the customer loves the design. If they don’t trust your website, they will never buy a product from you especially when it comes to electronic products. Therefore, you need to select one of the Best WooCommerce Themes for online consumer electronics shops.

Let’s begin the list to see which is the best theme you can use here for your WordPress electronics website.

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#1 Electro Electronics Store

One of the best WooCommerce themes for online consumer electronics shops is the Electro Electronics store theme. As the name says it all, it is a theme specially made for the electronics eCommerce. The main and the primary advantage of going with such a theme is that you will get all the usable demos. If you go with a multipurpose theme, you will get all the different types of demos. However, here that’s not the case. Here, all the pages and the layout are made for the electronic store. So, you will be benefited here.

It is fully compatible with multi-vendor functionality. The user can easily create their vendor profit and sell things online. This is available in the new marketplace update. It has advanced Woosearch that you can use. They are constantly updating the thee with the new layout and demos. It has a Hamburger menu and a unique mobile menu. You get a visual composer here. There are many new features here that can be used. Overall, it’s a great theme for bigger electronics eCommerce stores as well as for the smaller ones.

Media Center Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Electronics Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#2 MediaCenter

The next theme you can go with is Media Center. If you have checked the above-given theme, you might have noticed that it looks perfect if you have more products. It will give you more space. However, if you don’t have many products to upload as of now, you should go with MediaCenter them. It is perfect for the eCommerce store with lesser products or even if you have go thousands of products, you can still use this. There is a live search option that can search for all the things (ajax based).

The theme is super fast and there are all the test results given on the theme page which is quite good. Just like usual, you will get a visual composer to build pages and Slider revolution for the slider. There are customizable PSDs given here. There are unlimited color options for you to use from. It also supports RTL and you will get all the sales-related features such as wishlist, filtering, etc.

Dimita Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Electronics Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#3 Dimita

The next theme is kind of affordable than the previous one. Dimita is an electronics WordPress theme for WooCommerce that has more than 12 home pages. All of the 12 homepages are made for the electronics websites. So, you can import anyone from the list and start editing it. The theme allows you to add multi-vendors functionality easily. Dimita is compatible with three of the multi vendor’s plugins which are Wc Vendor, Dukan, and Wc Marketplace. If you are using multi-vendor, chances are you will be using one of them. So, the theme is fully compatible with it.

There are enough product layouts that you can set. You will get more than 24 shortcodes for Elementor and they are also updating. There are more than 9 different headers and 6 footers built for you. They also have a header and footer builder which allows you to create an unlimited number of headers and footers. So, you can create any type of website you want with this theme. It has features such as typography, swatches, blog layouts, rollover effects, and many more. Overall, it’s a good theme to have a look at.

Woodstock Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Electronics Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#4 Woodstock

Woodstock is one of the best WooCommerce themes for online consumer electronics. You will get premium sliders here and it also allows you to set the custom layout for your WooCommerce shop. Now, you don’t need to worry about getting your favorite layout in the theme. You can easily set one of the layouts with ease. There are two versions that you will get here. One of them is a light version and the next one is a dark theme. More and more people are now loving the dark mode. So, you can set the dark mode in your electronics store if you want. Both of them are responsive themes. You can change the version after you install the theme.

Talking about features, you will get a visual composer here using which you can build amazing pages easily. It is a drag and drop builder that you can use to create pages with ease. It allows you to create pages by visual editing or you can even create it with backend editor. There are unlimited colors in the theme and you can also choose from over 500 fonts. Not to mention, you will also get the Google fonts.

Yozi Shop Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Electronics Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#5 Yozi

Our next selection is the best WooCommerce themes for online consumer electronic shops is the Yozi Shop theme. There are more than 8 home pages that you will get here. Just like the previous one, you can select the light version or dark version. There are many pre-made pages that you can choose. It includes plugins worth more than $70. You will get plugins like slider revolution WPBakery page builder, etc. You will get an advanced live search that allows your user to quickly get the results. It has a mega menu dropdown which is very much helpful if you are having several categories.

There are many other features such as advanced product specs. You will need this at some point in your electronic store. Yozi theme is good for marketing purposes as it will automatically show the items that customers brought along with it. So, it’s useful in upsells. You can surely have a look at the theme in ThemeForest.

Sinrato Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#6 Sinrato

Now, let’s talk about the 6th theme for your electronics store. This is Sinrato theme available on ThemeForest. It only has 4 pre-defined layouts but that’s all you will need to create an amazing website. It has enough customization options to make your website as per your wish. You can choose any color you want as it is powered by the Redux Framework. You can choose from the box or full-width layout. It is a perfect theme for electronics or digital stores. There are unlimited custom sidebar options. All the things are given in proper documentation. So, you can easily set the options.

Now, let’s talk about other features. You will get a Visual composer here. Using the visual composer, you can create and edit things with ease. It has a complete drag and drop builder. It allows you to set various filters for your electronics products. This will make it easier for your users to find what they are looking for. Electronics products are expensive. So, the user can’t directly buy it. It has a wishlist option. Therefore, your users can add products to the wish list. Later on, they can think about whether they want to purchase it or not. It works with one click.

Ekommart Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Electronics Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#7 Ekommart

This is not a theme specially for eCommerce. Until now, we have talked about various themes among which most of them were for electronics store only. However, this is not something like that. Ekommart is an all in one theme that you can use in any WooCommerce website. It has more than 23 pre-built layouts. You can surely use them for your electronics store. Most of the eCommerce website uses a multi-vendor system. If you are planning of doing it, this is the theme for you. It comes with Dokan multi-vendor marketplace.

You will get various home page layouts here. All of them are unique and in different colors. You will get one for electronics tore too. You can either directly use it or you can add your elements on the page and then publish it. There are more than enough options to customize the theme as per your choice. You can add the main options, change the header/footer settings, and do a lot of other things within the theme.

Digi Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Electronics Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

 #8 Digi

Now, let’s talk about another electronics theme that you can use.  One of the coolest things about Digi theme is the compare feature. You can let your users compare two or more of the products easily. Along with the compare feature, it has a wishlist and cart sidebar features. It is easy to use the theme. There are enough customization options to set the theme as per your wish. There are more than 6 unique layouts you will get here. You can show promotions with each product.

The next good thing about Digi theme is the layout. It shows the wishlist and the cart side by side. So, the user will see the wishlist and the cart on a single page. This is very much useful in increasing the sales of your website. As the wishlist is right near the cart, it will be easier for the user to add some items in the list. Also, if the user will see the item, they are more likely to buy it. So, this is one of the best things about Digi theme. You will get WPBakery page builder to create pages. There are many customization options. Not to mention, you can surely add a slider with revolution slider. Both of these are included in the theme. So, you don’t have to pay extra for any of these.

Unicase Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#9 Unicase

Unicase is the next theme in our list. It is highly recommended for the electronics store, fashion, or furniture store. So, if your website falls in one of these categories. You can surely have a look at the Unicase theme. There are features like YITH compare, wishlist, etc. You will also get a visual composer to build amazing pages and revolution sliders to add the slider to your website.

There are all the other features given in the theme such as live search, Quickview, products carousel, etc. The theme doesn’t have a lot of features like these. So, that can be an issue for some people. However, there are all the features that you will need. If you are looking for advanced customization or you want to do something fancy with your theme, you might want to check other themes too.

Basel Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#10 Basel

The last theme in our list of the best WooCommerce themes for online consumer electronics shops. The Basel theme is a retina ready theme that you can use. It is a WooCommerce theme that comes with the slider revolution. You get unlimited theme options and customization options. So, you can easily create the pages you want.

There are many features such as unlimited colors, typography, filters, etc. So, you can surely use the Basel theme. Not to mention, it is a multi-purpose theme. You can use it for various other purposes along with consumer electronics. You will get WPBakery page builder here. Further, it has more than 40 variations that you can use to create pages. You can directly import one of these and change the text and images. So, this makes your work easier.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best WooCommerce themes for online consumer electronics that you can go with. Some of the themes mentioned here are focused on consumer electronics only whereas some of them are multi-purpose. If you want to learn the theme and understand it better, you can choose one of the multi-purpose themes. This will be very much useful for your future projects too. However, if this is for your client or you simply don’t want to waste more time in learning about it, you can go with the theme that only focuses on consumer electronics. In such themes, you can directly import the content from their demos and customize a little bit and you are all ready to rock.

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