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In today’s world of online streaming, it is rare to find some of the best WooCommerce themes for online movie shops. There are many people out there who are selling movies or simply providing online move buying services to the people. If you have a similar shop, we will be seeing some of the top themes you can use here. WordPress makes it extremely simple to have a movie store. We will see the themes that you can use for probably any purpose related to movies.

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#1 The Movie

The Movie is the most affordable theme you can go with. If you are looking for the best WooCommerce themes for online movie shops, you should surely have a look at this one. As the name says, the theme is especially for the movie store. You can unlimited movies and series. There are many options that you can choose form. It has a one-page version or you can set the multi-page person. If you don’t want to add more pages, you can simply add one-page, and then one of the links can be of the WooCommerce store. However, if you want to start a blog along with the store, you can use the multi-pages. With the multi-page, you will get many pre-made layouts. You will just have to edit the text and images. The theme works with WooCommerce, you can integrate the complete store in it. It allows you to sell the movies. All the WooCommerce features are available here.

For the page building, you will get WPBakery and revolution slider. The theme not only allows you to sell movies but you can also do complete management here. If you own the theatre or you are the one who manages the booking, you can take the bookings from here. It allows you to manage online ticket sales, online boking, etc. It also has a review system where you or the users can review a movie. Not to mention, it has also got the casting management feature. With this, you can manage the entire cast with this single theme. Overall, it has got all the features and the best thing is that The Movie is the most affordable premium theme you will get.

Mirasat Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, online movies shops, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#2 Mirasat

The next theme is not specially made for the movies. It is an internet provider and satellite TV theme. However, it matches the movie shop. So, you can surely use it for the movie. As the niche is the same, the theme can be useful in many ways. However, the one disadvantage is that you will have to spend some time customizing the homepage. You might not get the exact home page that you are looking for. Although, the home page layouts are much similar. The theme can be used for online cinema or you can use it for online movie stores. Along with this, you can surely use it for many similar purposes.

It has 20 unique shortcodes that you can use. With just one click, you can import the demo content and start using it. There are more than 20 elements here. You will get WPBakery to build the pages. The theme is Mailchimp ready and has unlimited color customization. It has also got all the scroll animation and image zoom animations to make the website more attractive. It supports WPML so you can also set multiple languages here. The theme runs smoothly and is SEO friendly. The overall speed of the theme is very good. It doesn’t take much time to load the website.

Noxe Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, online movies shops, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#3 Noxe

Noxe is one of the best WooCommerce themes for online movie shops or movie studios and filmmakers. There are more than 18 pre-built demos available here. All of them are for different types. Whether you own a store or you make films, you can use this theme on your website. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce. So, that’s not an issue at all. Even if you planning to add film listings here, you can do it with one click. They have the functionality to add movie listings. Now, for the people who are planning to publish the movie listings, you can also manage the episodes here. It allows you to create episodes and add details such as cast, summary, etc. You will get all those features here. You can also add the ratings here.

It gives you compatibility with WooCommerce. So, you can surely sell movies if you are selling movies online. It comes with an advanced film search system. One can directly search with movie type, language, company name, certificate type, etc. You can integrate it with IMDB. What else you need? It has many more features that are suitable for all the movie’s needs. You will surely love this theme if you want to add all the details. There are many typography and color options. The navigation menu is easy. It has RTL and LTR support. You can also set a dark theme. Most people prefer dark themes for a movie shop.

Cinerama Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, online movies shops, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#4 Cinerama

The next theme that you can use is Cinerama. It is a movie studio theme that you can use for your eCommerce store. It is one of the best WooCommerce themes for online movie store. You can set the full slider and make the overall look and feel exactly like a movie poster. Well, guess what? You don’t even need to do that. There are some of the coolest demo available. You can directly import one of the demos and start working on that same page. All you need to do is customize the images and text. You are all set to go. You can then publish the page. If you want, you can also add more sections.

The theme allows you to showcase the movies you have. You can also show all the movies year wise in a horizontal timeline. It has an amazing hover effect and you can also add a video carousel if you want. There are three header types. You will get a video player shortcode as well as a button shortcode. There are many other shortcodes to integrate social media accounts. It comes with a WPBakery builder and slider revolution. The updates are not too frequent but you will get all the major updates. The theme is quite cool and it has various shortcodes to make your work easier. If you are using WordPress, you must be using shortcodes as it makes your work extremely easier. The theme has all the shortcode features you will require. You can surely check this theme for more.

Vodi Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#5 Vodi

Vodi is another theme specially made for videos. It is a perfect theme for online movies and TV shows as well as you can use it for online movie store. It has various features that are best if you are selling movies. It comes with MAS videos. It is a plugin developed by their team which is built on WooCommerce. You can create and manage movies, videos, and all the other things with it. In simpler words, it allows you to create your streaming service. This might be your plan. So, if you use this theme, you won’t need to change it shortly. Changing a theme is a hard task. It’s not only about the money. You will also have to put some effort into learning the theme and customizing it. So, it is better to get the theme that works easily and the theme that you know.

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It is built with Gutenberg. You will get 47 Guttenberg blocks. If you don’t want to create a page by yourself, you can import from the 9 home pages given in the theme. The homepages are easier to customize as they are built on Guttenberg. Not to mention, it also has 4 headers, footers, and demos. The has a light or dark version as per your choice. You can use the advanced filtering options. This is needed on a new website. Most of the people will see the movie by filtering. It also allows the user to sort by most viewed and most liked. This is especially for the people who are planning to shift to online streaming shortly. The theme is super-fast and provides everything you will need.

Hestia Pro Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#6 Hestia Pro

The theme is not especially for the movie but a multi-purpose theme that you can use for any type of website. It works perfectly well for any website including movies shop. You can surely get this theme for your movie website. It also has a free version that you can have a look at. The theme works with the Elementor page builder. As most of the WooCommerce themes work with WPBakery builder. So, if you are a fan of Elementor or any other page builder, you can tryout Hestia Pro.

There are many interesting features you will get here. The beautiful themes make everything a lot easier whether you talk about the admin side or the user side. You will get many layouts and product styles. It will automatically set the featured image as the hero image. So, this makes the overall look and feel far better. Being in the movie industry, you can always set the poster of the movie as the featured image. So, it will automatically be there as a hero image. There are various demos directly available. You can either import one of the demos and start building on it r you can create one from the scratch. The theme has been loved by many people. It is offered by Themeisle. There are many licenses that you can get. You can also get an agency license if you want to use it for unlimited websites. You can also get the white label feature if you go with the agency theme. The theme is surely one awesome creation. You can use the same theme for multiple websites.

Pustaka Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#7 Pustaka

The theme is for books. But we are talking about the best WooCommerce themes for online movie shops, right? The reason why the Pustaka theme is on this list is because of one feature. The theme has amazing previews that very few other movie themes have. If you add a product as a movie, it will show the preview as the movie. In simpler words, it will show a DVD type preview whenever someone hovers over the product. So, this is one of the coolest things you will get. Not to mention, the theme also has many other similar types which you can set. It has an audio preview, game preview, or you can go with the book preview. The main features that we will be using here would be the movie type preview or the audio preview.

You can use the theme for your movie website. It has various filtering options given here. Your customers can filter the movies as per the type and they can find the best movie that they are looking for. In this way, your customers will get the best experience. No doubt, you will have to work a little bit when it comes to the building pages. All the pages are related to books. You will have to change the images and the text everywhere on the home page. If you were planning to create a page from scratch, this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you were planning to use one of the demos or the pre-built layout, you might want to keep this mind before you proceed.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best WooCommerce themes for online movie shops. You can surely get any one of these. One suggestion would be to move to online streaming services as soon as you can. You can surely do both of them side by side. All these themes are perfect for any type of movie websites. So, that’s not the deal here. You can choose any theme and start publishing the movies as WooCommerce products. Don’t forget to import the demo.

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