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If you own an online music shop, you are competing against big giants. You will need to make sure that your website stands out among all the other competitors. One of the essential things needed for a website is theme and performance. If you get the design right, you will attract more people. To make them visit your website, your website must load fast. Both of them are directly connected to your theme. So, you need to make sure that you use one of the best WooCommerce themes for online shops. Here are some of the best examples you can have a look at.

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#1 Astra

Astra is a multi-purpose theme. The primary reason why people prefer Astra over any other theme is because of speed and performance. Astra is a lightweight theme that loads super fast. Of course, it has a ton of customization options to make your theme unique and better. There are some of the ready-made templates given which you can directly import. There are two versions available. One is the free one that you can get from the WordPress directory. However, if you want more features, you will have to visit their official website. Along with more customization options, you will also get some of the pre-made layouts. This is very useful as you can directly import one of the layouts and make the website. The premium layouts will make your website a lot better.

The Theme works perfectly well with all the page builders. The Elementor page builder works the best here. You can also use BeaverBuilder to build amazing pages. It can be easily integrated with WooCommerce, Yoast, etc. Talking about music, there is a layout given for music. You can directly import that particular layout and start working on the page with ease. This will make everything a lot easier than you think.

Epron Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, online music shops, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#2 Epron

Epron is a special WooCommerce theme made for the music shop owners and artists. It provides unlimited post filtering options which is much more needed of a music website. It comes with a drag and drops page builder along with the music playback element. It is one of the coolest themes that is created from scratch especially for the websites of the music industry. It comes in light and dark versions. It comes with Slider Revolution and creative portfolio options. The theme has a one-click demo import and will give you all the customization options.

The theme comes with a Scamp music player. You can use the music player that works on any device. It will dynamically load all the content. It supports MP3. So, if you are planning to add music to your music shop, you can use this theme. There are more than 32 premium modules available on the page builder. There are more than enough fonts, colors, and typography options. Most people won’t be using it but if you want, you can surely add Google ads here. You can also add social sharing buttons.

Shuffle Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, online music shops, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#3 Shuffle

Shuffle is one of the best WooCommerce themes for online music shops. It has a powerful admin panel for customization and editing of the pages. You will get more than 17 homepage elements to add things. There are different types of post types available. You can set audio, event, albums, ticket, etc as a post type. This is very much useful for the people who are planning to start their blog along with the music shop. You will need all of them.

The shuffle theme also has different skins according to the music genre. For example, if you are selling the hip hop genre, you can set the skin accordingly. The same goes for Jazz, Indie, pop, rock, etc. You can also set the all in one theme that is useful for all the genre. This one is useful for music shops and similar things. Some minor changes in the theme will change the entire appearance of the website. You will get a revolution slider and things like the parallax effect. You can also add lyrics to the album if you are planning to upload the music. Overall, it’s a great theme that allows you to use shortcodes for various purposes.

Spectra Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#4 Spectra

Now, let’s talk about the 4th theme in the list that is Spectra. It is a music theme for WordPress fully compatible with WooCommerce. If you are planning to upload music, this is the best place. It has a music player where you will get features like a continuous music playback. It comes with a Scamp player to play the music. As we have mentioned in one of the previous themes, it will make the loading speed music faster. It comes with SoundCloud API. So, if you want to add the new artists, you can add their songs to SoundCloud. To build the pages, it has a visual composer page builder. The WPBakery page builder makes it easier for you to create the pages. You can even import the pages directly with the help of it. So, you don’t have to create the pages from scratch.

To sell our music, it has WooCommerce compatibility. Many small WooCommerce features make selling easier. It has a wicket image gallery here you can display and play your favorite track in the background. The theme is made for all the music websites. Whether you are an artist or you sell all types of music in your WooCommerce store. For the same purpose, it has a new post type. You can also add tracks. To manage the track easier, it has a drag and drops ajax sorter and tracks manager. The sliding panel and widget areas are useful to display banners. You can host the MP3s, use the hosted MP3s or you can directly use the SoundCloud tracks.

Lucille Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, online music shops, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#5 Lucille

You can also go with Lucille if you are looking for one of the best WooCommerce themes for online music shops. When you are planning to get a theme for your online shop, you need to make sure that the theme is updated. Normally, most of the themes will have to updates. However, there is a small fee that you will have to pay to receive the updates. That’s not the case here. Lucille comes with free lifetime updates. With just one license, you will get lifetime updates. You will have to pay only one time.

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Just like any other theme of ThemeForest, here you will get WPBakery builder to build pages and Slider Revolution for sliders. It has some of the coolest music demos suitable for every musical use. For example, you can use the demo for a music shop or if you are a music label, you will find a similar page demo. All you have to do is click a button to import the demo. Now, you can simply customize it and publish the changes to start your online music store. It’s that simple. The theme also has an individual page background. So, you can set different backgrounds for each of the pages as per your choice. So, your website will become more attractive. There are unlimited color options and it includes Google Fonts.

Mixtape Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, online music shops, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#6 Mixtape

The best theme that you can go with is Mixtape. You will be thinking it is only for the musicians. However, it is not so. You can use this theme for any purpose. It provides you complete features to do various things. You can import the demo directly and customize according to your requirement. To start with, they have demo pages for all the users. Whether you are planning to showcase an album or you want to show the video at the home page. You can choose from many available homepages. The same goes for the shop page and error pages. The error pages have a DVD image that goes best with the music shop. In the same way, all the pages are made accordingly. So, you can simply import the pages and edit them.

The theme is simple yet effective. You get a lot of options to customize a lot of things but most of the things are already done for you. So, you will have to put in little to no work here. The theme is mobile friendly and will work on any device. The simple and powerful theme panel makes it easier for anyone to edit and modify the template. That surely doesn’t mean that the theme has no negative point. One of the biggest disadvantages here is pricing. You will have to spend more than 70 USD to get this theme. It is a little bit expensive. You can only use the theme on one of your websites. So, you will spend more money here.

Music WordPress Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#7 Music WordPress

Music WordPress – as the name says, it is a music theme for artists and music companies. It looks simple by the name of the theme. However, the features are premium and will fr any music-related website. So, it is worth checking out this particular theme. You can use it in your online music shop as it is fully compatible with WooCommerce. So, you can easily sell music with this theme. There are more than 8 unique homepages available. You can publish any type of posts. There are various post types given here. You can also set the custom post type if you want. There are more than 11 video and gallery layouts.

The deal doesn’t end here. You will get more than 70 pre-designed templates. All these are for pages, album, gallery, video, music player, etc. All these work on the Elementor page builder. Elementor is a drag and drop page builder used to create beautiful pages. You will get unlimited color, font selection, and other options to customize your theme. The theme is fully responsive and loads very fast. You can either go with the boxed layout or you can also set the full-width layout. It is up to you. Many other features will blow your mind.

Meloo Theme, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#8 Meloo

The last one from the best WooCommerce themes for online music shops is Meloo. Meloo is a music theme for music bands and music shops. The theme is developed by the Rascals developer team. They have developed many other music themes that we saw above. So, the features are quite similar. You can sell your music with the help of WooCommerce. You will get all the features to scale up your WooCommerce store. As this is music the,e, you will also get a music player. You can host your music or you can add hosted music here. It allows shot cast streaming and you can also add SoundCloud tracks. It has all the music player features such as autoplay, playlist, favorite, etc.

It comes with a great page builder and many demos. There are more than 4 custom post types available here. You can post videos, track,e, etc. It has an event manager. You can set repetitive events here. The theme comes with the premium revolution slider. It has a dedicated mobile responsive design. So, your website will work smoothly on IOS as well as android devices. Not to mention, it has an unlimited amount of post-filtering options. The theme is SEO friendly and you can set the sections by drag and drop features. There are more than 32 premium modules. All the modules and be added or modified from the page builder. Lastly, you can integrate it with many plugins including Mailchimp, contact form 7.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best WooCommerce themes for online music shops that you can go with. The support is great and the theme is also affordable. All the themes are good for your music store. Depending on your further requirements, you can choose one of the themes. Make sure the themes are updated regularly. In this way, you will get the latest version of the themes. Most of the themes given here are compatible with all the plugins. So, you can choose any of the best WooCommerce themes for online music shops.

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