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Changing Your Woocommerce Grid

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For businesses that operate online, having a functional and user-friendly website is crucial. One of the key features in a website is the product grid layout for ecommerce websites that use Woocommerce. The grid layout is what customers see when they access a website, so it needs to be visually appealing and user-friendly. Default Woocommerce grid layouts might not fit your business’s unique requirements, but the good news is that it’s easy to change. In this blog post, we’ll show you the easiest way to change your Woocommerce grid layout so your customers can easily find and buy your products.

1. Woocommerce grid layouts

Before we dive into changing the Woocommerce grid layout, let’s talk about what it is. The Woocommerce grid layout displays your products in a grid pattern. By default, Woocommerce displays products in a 3-column grid layout. However, this layout may not suit your business requirements, especially if you have a vast inventory.

2. Changing the Woocommerce grid

Changing the Woocommerce grid layout is easy and requires no coding knowledge. However, it’s important to note that the options available will depend on the Woocommerce version that you’re using. To change your grid layout, navigate to Appearance > Customize on your WordPress dashboard and select Woocommerce. Under the Product Catalog tab, you’ll find options to set the number of rows and columns you want to display. You can also choose how many products to display per page.

3. Additional Options

Since Woocommerce allows you to change the number of rows and columns, you can play around with different options to find what works best for your website. If you have a narrow sidebar, you might want to reduce the number of columns to two. Conversely, if you have a bit more space, you can increase the columns to four. Woocommerce allows you to preview your changes so you can see the new layout before saving it.

4. Using a Plugin

If you’re unable to change your Woocommerce grid layout using the default options, you can use a free or paid plugin. There are various plugins available that allow you to change your Woocommerce grid layout, giving you more options to customize your website. Additionally, some plugins allow you to add additional features, such as an AJAX filter and search bar.

5. Conclusion

The Woocommerce grid layout is significant for any ecommerce website. With the default setting, you may not be able to achieve the look and functionality that you desire. However, changing the size, rows, columns, and more can be done effortlessly. Try out different options until you find the right one that fits your business needs. Using plugins can help you achieve a different and unique layout, but remember, too many plugins can slow down your website. It’s important to find the right balance between plugins and website speed.

Now you know that changing your Woocommerce grid layout is easy and requires no coding knowledge. Play around with different options to find the right fit for your business needs, and remember to consider using plugins if you need more features and options. Your Woocommerce grid plays a significant role in sales and leads, so make sure it’s visually appealing, user-friendly, and meets your unique business requirements.

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