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When it comes to designing your online store on WooCommerce, customizing features might be a top priority to enhance user experience and match your website’s branding. One of the features you might want to tweak is the default WooCommerce logout URL, which is powered by the WooCommerce plugin by default. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can conveniently change the WooCommerce logout URL to match your online store objectives.

1. Why change WooCommerce logout URL?

The WooCommerce default logout URL sends users back to the WordPress login screen, which may be confusing for the user and result in a loss of engagement. Changing your logout URL provides a seamless user experience by directing them back to the desired page on your site instead. It also provides an opportunity for branding, as you can replace the default WooCommerce logout URL with a custom logout text that aligns with your brand.

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2. How to change WooCommerce logout URL

Changing WooCommerce logout URL is a breeze, and you don’t need to be a WordPress or coding expert to get started. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

First, install and activate the “My Private Site” plugin on your WordPress website. The plugin helps make your site private by default, making it work for your online store to redirect the user’s login/logout URL.

Next, head over to Settings > My Private Site > Select “Logout URL” and insert your desired URL, which redirects users to the desired page immediately after logging out.

You can also add a custom logout text that is more aligned with your brand by following the below steps:

1. Under the “Logout Text” click “Edit.”

2. Enter your custom text and any optional shortcodes to make it more personalized.

Take note that the shortcode {site_url} can be used to direct users back to your homepage. Once done, hit the “Save the changes button” to make your custom logout URL active.

3. Test your changes

After making changes to the WooCommerce logout URL, it’s vital to check that everything is working as expected. To verify, log in to your online store and try to log out; you should now be redirected to the desired page. Confirm that everything works well in the front end, and you’re good to go!


In conclusion, changing your WooCommerce logout URL is a great way to enhance user experience and branding on your online store. The process is quite simple and can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their technical abilities. Take the time to follow the above steps, customize your logout URL, and improve the design and functionality of your online store.

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