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Elementor vs WP Page Builder

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If you want to create beautiful pages, you have many options now that you can go with. Among all the options, there is also a WP Page builder. Now, you surely might have heard about Elementor a lot. However, the new page builder that is WP Page builder also seems quite interesting, right? So, which one is better here? We will find it out there. For that, we will be using a couple of factors and compare the two-page builder – Elementor vs WP Page Builder.

User Interface – Elementor vs WP Page Builder

The main thing that you want to see is the user interface. You will get quite a similar user interface in both of them. If you compare both of the user interfaces, there are many similar things. You will get drag and drop builder in both of them and you will also get the sidebar where you can see all the addons and widgets lying.

Therefore, the user interface is very similar. You can customize it as per your requirements and you can also use the drag and drop features. We will surely talk more about the editing features as we move further.

As of now, we will focus on the user interface only. The admin side user interface is quite good. You will surely face some issues with the mobile phone. So, it won’t be possible to build the pages using a mobile phone. There are almost no page builders out there that can help you create a page on the mobile phone.

Therefore, this is not a big issue and you can surely ignore this. Other than these things, both of the page builders have an amazing user interface.

Widget and Elements –

The next thing that you will have to focus on is the elements and the widgets. Without this, it won’t be possible to build the page. Therefore, you will have to ensure that you are getting enough elements here that you can use for your page builder.

There are more than 28 addons available in the WP Page builder. It surely includes some of the greatest elements such as flip box, etc. On the other hand, we have got more than 48 elements in the Elementor. Here, there are many unique elements that you can add. Of course, as there are more elements, you will have a better choice and you can create the page in a better way. Therefore, the winner over here is Elementor.

Many people just focus on the number here. No doubt, the number of elements is important but you should more focus on the usage of the elements. If you are running a blog, you will hardly need a few elements. All the other elements won’t be more useful. Therefore, you will have to keep this thing in your mind and then take the decision. The number of elements is not the only thing through which you can make the decision.

There is one more benefit that you will get when it comes to Elementor. Here, you can also use extra add-ons. Many plugins will extend the functionality of the Elementor plugin. Therefore, you can start using it as per your need. We will surely discuss more this as we move further.


Blocks and page templates are two different and the most important thing that you will have to focus on. Right now, we will see about the blocks. We will see more about page templates in the next section.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to do the work of creating the pages and want everything easily, this is for you. You can surely use the blocks and the page templates for creating the pages.

Blocks will allow you to have a particular section. There are various pre-made blocks that you can import and start using without worrying to create one. For example, if you want to add the services tab, you can easily import the service block and that’s pretty much it. The service block will have all the things done for you. You can simply import it and then start using it. Here, in WP Page builder, you get more than 60 blocks. Elementor has fewer blocks as compared to WP Page builder.

Page Templates

Like we mention in the previous section, you will need page templates if you want to start building the perfect page. Page templates are ready-made pages that you can import and start using. It needs a little customization from your side. All the things are already made for you. For example, if it’s a service page, you will get the basic things like grid section, call to action, and in some cases, you will also get the FAQ. With this, it will be easier for you to create the page you want.

Elementor WP Page Builder

Isn’t this amazing? You get all the things directly made for you. You just need to hit the import button and then start using the page. Of course, you will have to change the text. Images can also be changed if you want. Further, if you want to add any extra elements or you want to mix it up a little, you can do that too.

Overall, there are many things you can do with the page templates. All you need is a good page template. Thereafter, you can surely start the editing. Therefore, you will also have to see whether the page builder has good templates that you can use or not.

You get more than 68 layout packs in WP Page builder. These are the pages that will help you to create the best page that you can use. On the other hand, there are more than 300 templates available in Elementor. You will also get the website kits. Website kits are ready-made websites.

It includes multiple pages that your website might need in a similar theme. Therefore, you can surely start using them. It will be easier for you to import and create the entire website.

Pricing – Elementor vs WP Page Builder

This is exactly where most people will make or change their decision. Pricing is an important element that you need to focus on. If the pricing of the product is not good, you might have to change your mind no matter how good the product is. Therefore, we will see more about the pricing here.

At first, if you are someone who wants to try out both of these builders, you are at a great advantage here. Both of these builders have a free version that you can use. The free version is surely enough for you to create the best pages.

You can use some of the elements in the free version. The free version of Elementor is way better. It’s one of the best free page builders that you will get. Therefore, there is no competing here.

Now, we will talk about the pricing. As you might have seen in the previous section the WP page builder has fewer features as compared to the Elementor page builder. Therefore, you might be thinking that there will be a huge price difference. If that’ what you are thinking, you are wrong here. The price difference is very small.

The WP page builder will cost you $39 for a year if you go with a single website. If you want to use it for more websites, you can go with the higher plans. Elementor on the other hand will cost you $49 for a year. Just like WP Page builder, if you want to use it for one website, you can get the first plan. However, if you are an agency and want to use it for multiple websites, you will have to pay for a higher pan.


The integration part is important as well. When you get a page builder, it must be compatible with all the themes and there must also be extra plugins that you can use here.

It’s not a big issue as most of the themes will work with any page builder. However, it’s still better to have peace of mind. Elementor has various themes that are fully compatible with them. There are some of the themes where you will get the pages built on Elementor. In simpler words, the demo content of the theme is in Elementor. Therefore, you will have to install Elementor if you want to use that theme demo content. There are many similar themes that you can use.

Further, one of the best things about Elementor is that they have their theme. It’s called Hello and it is a lightweight theme where you can create everything from scratch using Elementor page builder.

Talking about the advantages, there is one more advantage that you will get in Elementor. Here, you can install extra plugins. There are many plugins that you can use here. These are the plugins that will extend the functionality of the website. You can have extra add-ons here or you can also have the extra elements.

There are some free plugins that you can use. However, if you want more functionality than the free one, you can always go with the premium plugins that can extend the functionality of the Elementor page builder. They are great and worth checking out.

Header and Footer – Theme Builder

Theme builder is where you can create the entire website using just the builder. For that, the builder must have support for some of the basic things needed. For example, you should be able to create the headers and footers. Once you create them, there should be an easy way to put them n the websites.

Here, Elementor is the only plugin that provides the theme builder within it. When you buy the Elementor, you will also get them, builder. If you want to add headers and footers, you can add them. As most of the themes are compatible with them, you can also change the existing footer or header of some of the themes. Please note that not all the themes will allow you to do that. There are only a few themes that will allow you to do that. Therefore, keep that in mind and only then you can think of creating the headers and footers.

The feature is pretty great and it’s always great to have similar features. So, if you are someone who wants to ensure that the headers and footers of their website look pretty cool with the page builder, you can always go with Elementor.

Editing Features

Now, we will talk about the editing features.

Just like the user interface, the editing features are similar in both of them. You get inline editing using which you can edit any line directly. If you want to change the text on the page, you just need to click on the text and then you can edit the page. This is how simple it is to edit things.

Further, there are all the other editing features here. You can build things and even use the copy and paste features to make your work easier. The advanced customization can only be done from the sidebar but you can surely do the basic editing inline.

So, the winners are both. You can use any builder. They have great editing features – Elementor WP Page Builder.

Final Verdict about Elementor vs WP Page Builder

If you are looking for a final winner, this section is for you. Most of you might already have made the decision. The winner here is Elementor as it already has a lot of features that you can use. You can leverage all the features and create beautiful pages with them. The free version of Elementor has enough features that you can use. This is what makes it unique and better. You can surely try out WP Page Builder. It’s quite new and lacks many features. There might soon be more features available. Thereafter, you can use WP Page builder. Both of them have a free version. So, you can surely try out both before making the final decision.

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