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How to Add a Tracking Number in WooCommerce

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If you’re running an online store, you know how important it is to keep customers updated on their orders. One way to do this is by adding a tracking number for each of your orders so that customers can easily track the status of their packages. Adding a tracking number in WooCommerce is a simple process that only takes a few minutes, and can make all the difference in keeping your customers happy!

Step 1: Log into Your WooCommerce Store

Before you can add any tracking information, you’ll need to log into your WooCommerce store. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Orders page, which can be found under the Orders tab in the left-hand sidebar. On this page, you will see all of your orders listed. Find the order that needs to have the tracking number added and click on it.

Step 2: Add Tracking Number and Shipping Carrier Information

Once you are on the Order Details page for the desired order, scroll down until you find the “Order Actions” section. In this section there will be two fields available – one for entering a tracking number and another for selecting a shipping carrier. Enter your customer’s tracking number into the provided field and select from the dropdown menu which shipping carrier was used to deliver their package. Once both fields have been completed, click on “Update Status” at the bottom of the page. This will save your changes and update your customer’s order status accordingly.

Step 3: Notify Your Customers about Their Package Delivery

Now that you’ve successfully added a tracking number and updated your customer’s order status, it’s time to notify them about their package delivery! You can do this by creating an automated email notification through WooCommerce or manually send them an email with their tracking information included. An automated email notification is generally preferred as it eliminates any potential errors due to manual inputting of emails, while also providing more detailed delivery updates such as estimated delivery timeframes or package arrival notifications.


As you can see, adding a tracking number in WooCommerce is easy! Doing so ensures that customers are kept up-to-date on where their packages are located during transit as well as when they can expect them to arrive at their doorsteps! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can add this valuable piece of customer service data which will help build trust with those who purchase from your store—and potentially even encourage repeat purchases from satisfied customers! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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