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Elementor is a popular page builder that enables users to create stunning and professional-looking websites without having to write any code. One of the many features that make Elementor a hit among website developers and designers is the ease with which you can add tables. Tables come in handy when you need to present data or information in an organized and structured manner. Whether you’re creating a pricing table, a comparison table, or any other type of table, this guide will show you how to add tables in Elementor with ease.

Step 1: Open an Existing Elementor Page or Create a New One

To add a table to your Elementor page, start by opening an existing page in the Elementor editor. Alternatively, you can create a new page by clicking on the “Add New” button and selecting “Page” from the dropdown menu. Give your page a title and click on the “Edit with Elementor” button to open the Elementor editor.

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Step 2: Drag and Drop the Table Widget

In the Elementor editor, select the section where you want to add the table. Then, drag and drop the “Table” widget from the “General” tab onto your section to create a new table.

Step 3: Customize Your Table Settings

Once you’ve added the table widget to your section, you can customize its settings according to your preference. You can input the number of rows and columns you want, choose a table style, and even add custom CSS. To change the content of your table, click on the “Edit” button at the top right corner of your table widget. You can then input your data or information into the table cells.

Step 4: Style Your Table

After you’ve added your data or information to your table, you can customize its style and appearance. You can change the background color of your entire table, individual cells, and even add hover effects. To style your table, select the “Style” tab at the top of your Elementor editor and choose from the various styling options available.

Step 5: Publish Your Table

Once you’ve added your data, customized your table settings, and styled your table, it’s time to publish it. Simply click on the “Update” button to save your changes and preview your table. You can then publish your table by clicking on the “Publish” button.


In conclusion, adding tables in Elementor is a simple and straightforward process that can be accomplished easily with the right steps. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create and customize professional-looking tables that will enhance the look and feel of your website. Adding tables in Elementor is just one of the many ways in which this powerful page builder can help you design and build impressive websites that stand out from the crowd.

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