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How to Change Shipping Price in WooCommerce Programmatically

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WooCommerce is an impressive e-commerce platform that facilitates online selling. In it, there are different features that make it easy for sellers to customize their online stores. One of these features is shipping rules. As a WooCommerce store owner, you might need to change the shipping price of your items. This could be to suit the size and nature of your product, distance, shipping method preference, or any other reason. In this blog, we will explore how to change shipping prices programmatically in WooCommerce.

1) Understanding WooCommerce Shipping Classes

Before getting into how to programmatically change shipping prices, let’s first understand shipping classes. A shipping class is a label applied by a store owner to specific products to group them for shipping. These classes are used to determine shipping rates based on the product’s shipping class, size, and weight. WooCommerce comes with three default shipping classes: “Standard,” “Free Shipping,” and “Local Pickup.” You can create additional classes and assign them to products based on your shipping needs.

2) Overriding shipping methods

To be able to change shipping prices programmatically, you need to override existing shipping methods. This can be done through the available WooCommerce filter hooks. The most useful filter for this process is `woocommerce_package_rates`, which allows you to filter all available shipping rates for a package. You can then use PHP to modify the shipping rates to your liking.

3) A simple example of changing shipping prices programmatically

Here’s a simple PHP example of how to change shipping prices programmatically. In this case, we are changing the shipping price to $10 for all products with a shipping class of “Large Items.”

add_filter(‘woocommerce_package_rates’, ‘custom_shipping_price’);
function custom_shipping_price($rates)
foreach ($rates as $rate)
if (‘large-item’ == $rate->get_shipping_class())
return $rates;
This code snippet will change the shipping price to $10 for all cart items with the “Large Item” shipping class.

4) Advanced customization using Conditional Logic

You can also customize shipping prices based on additional factors like an item’s weight, destination, or shipping method. This is achieved through conditional logic using the available filters in WooCommerce. An example is using the `woocommerce_package_rates` filter with the available shipment metadata to condition the shipping rates based on factors like destination postcode, product weight, and more.

5) Considerations before changing shipping prices programmatically

Before you make any changes to your WooCommerce shipping prices, it’s critical to test the changes thoroughly, especially if you have a running store. Ensure that your developer completely understands the changes they are making and be prepared to roll back if needed. It’s also essential to ensure that you are not violating any shipping regulations. Finally, consider the impact of these changes on your sales and profits.


In summary, changing shipping prices programmatically in WooCommerce is possible using PHP code and the available WooCommerce filter hooks. By understanding shipping classes, overriding shipping methods, utilizing conditional logic and considering the associated considerations, you can change shipping prices to suit your specific online selling requirements. Remember to test any changes, seek professional help, and ensure you’re not breaking any shipping regulations.

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