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How to Change the Currency Symbol in WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms used by businesses worldwide. It supports multiple currencies, making it easy for merchants to sell to customers across different countries. However, by default, WooCommerce displays currency symbols according to ISO currency codes, which may not be ideal for some businesses. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps required to change the currency symbol in WooCommerce to better suit your business needs.

Step 1: Install a Currency Switcher Plugin

The first step in changing the currency symbol in WooCommerce is to install a currency switcher plugin. Many currency switcher plugins are available in the WordPress plugin repository, but we recommend using the WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin, which is free and easy to use. Once you have installed the plugin, activate it and go to the settings page to configure the plugin.

Step 2: Configure the Currency Switcher Plugin

On the currency switcher plugin’s settings page, you can select the currencies that you want to show to customers, set the default currency, and enable currency conversion. You can also choose the currency symbol to display next to the prices on your website. The currency symbol can be a symbol, a character, or even a flag. Select the option that best suits your business needs.

Step 3: Customize the Currency Symbol

The WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin allows you to customize the currency symbol by modifying the HTML and CSS of the currency switcher widget. You can do this by going to the “Appearance” tab on the currency switcher plugin’s settings page and selecting “Custom CSS.” Here, you can add your own CSS code to style the currency switcher widget as you like.

Step 4: Test the Currency Switcher

After configuring and customizing the currency switcher plugin, you’ll need to test it to make sure that it’s working correctly. Try switching between different currencies on your website and make sure that the prices and symbols update accordingly. If you encounter any issues, go back to the plugin’s settings page and make changes until everything works correctly.

Step 5: Update Your Products

If you have already created products on your website, you’ll need to update them to show the new currency symbol. To do this, go to the product editor and change the currency symbol in the “Price” field. You may also need to update other fields, such as the sale price and regular price, if you have set them for your products.


Changing the currency symbol in WooCommerce can help you better tailor your website to your target audience. By following the above steps, you can easily change the currency symbol to suit your business needs. Remember to test your changes thoroughly and update your products accordingly to ensure that everything works correctly. With the right currency switcher plugin, you can offer customers a personalized shopping experience and increase your sales and revenue.

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