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How to Change the Email Body Text in WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is an immensely popular e-commerce platform used by millions of online businesses across the globe. It’s an open-source platform offering a plethora of customization options. One such option is changing the email body text in WooCommerce. Emails play a crucial role for businesses to communicate with their customers. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps to change the email body text in WooCommerce.

Step 1: Install a Child Theme:

A child theme is a way to customize your website without affecting the parent theme files. It’s always recommended to use a child theme when you want to make changes to your website. You can install a WooCommerce child theme by going to Appearance > Themes > Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Once installed, activate it.

Step 2: Locate the email template:

The next step is to locate the email template file you want to customize. The email template files are located in the following directory: your-theme/woocommerce/emails/. In this directory, you’ll find various email templates, such as customer-new-account.php, customer-processing-order.php, etc.

Step 3: Edit the email template:

Once you’ve located the email template file, you can open it using the theme editor or a text editor. In this file, you’ll find the email body text enclosed in HTML tags. You can edit the content of the tags to change the email body text as per your preference.

Step 4: Save the file:

After making the changes, save the PHP file and upload it to the same directory. If you’re using a child theme, copy the edited file to the child theme directory to avoid editing the parent theme files.

Step 5: Check the changes:

Once you’ve saved the file, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and select the email template you just edited. Verify the changes by clicking on the “Preview email” button. You can also send a test email to yourself to see how it looks.


Customizing the email body text in WooCommerce is a straightforward process that even non-technical users can perform. The key is to make sure you’re using a child theme and editing the correct email template file. With the above guide, you should now be able to customize the email body text as per your preferences. If you want to customize other elements of your WooCommerce store, such as the checkout page or product page, consider hiring a professional developer to ensure the job is done correctly.

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