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As an online store owner using WooCommerce, you know the importance of maintaining effective communication with your customers. One of the primary ways you communicate with them is through emails. However, if the default email language in WooCommerce doesn’t fit your brand image, you might want to change it. In this post, we will walk you through the steps to customize your WooCommerce email language, ensuring that your customers receive emails that align with your brand voice and messaging.

Step 1: Install and Activate the WPML plugin

To change your WooCommerce email language, you need to install and activate the WPML plugin. WPML allows you to build a multilingual website, including translating your emails. This plugin is the easiest way to begin a translation of your emails.

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Step 2: Set up your Language

After successful installation of the WPML plugin, move on to the language settings. In your WordPress dashboard, click on the ‘Languages’ tab, and switch to the ‘Site Languages’ tab. Choose the language from the drop-down, which you want to translate your email to. Make sure the language you’re choosing corresponds with the language your email is written in.

Step 3: Customize Your WooCommerce Emails

Once you have entered and saved your language settings, move on to translate WooCommerce emails to your chosen language. Go to your WordPress dashboard, and then click on ‘WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails.’ Here the list of all WooCommerce emails appears. Select the email that you want to customize. Under the email heading, you will see a content box to input the new language you would like to use.

Step 4: Use Email Customizer

After customizing your WooCommerce emails, use an email customizer plugin to add further polish and professionalism to how your emails appear to your customers. This will help you achieve a unique email signature, ensuring that you retain consistency with the rest of the site.

Step 5: Preview and Test Your Email

Before making your live changes, preview your emails to ensure that they appear how you wish and that the content blocks align with your messaging. Once you’ve fully tested your mails and you’re satisfied with the modifications, save and publish your new language settings. Your new language settings will be ready for immediate use.


With WPML and email customizers, changing WooCommerce email language to fit your specific brand messaging is easy, and comes with a range of benefits. It solidifies your professionalism and attention to detail, making your online store more welcoming. Throughout this guide, we’ve showcased the most straightforward way to customize WooCommerce emails, providing clear steps for you to follow. By changing your WooCommerce email language, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to build a stronger bond with your customers while enabling communications that speak specifically to them.

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