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How to Change Your WordPress Home Page

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Are you looking for an easy way to customize your WordPress website? One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the ability to change the home page. By changing your home page, you can create a unique experience for visitors and make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1:

Go to “Appearance” in the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress dashboard and choose “Customize.” This will open a new window with several options. You should see a drop-down menu labeled “Static Front Page.” Click this menu and select “A Static Page.”

Step 2:

Once you have selected “A Static Page,” two other fields will appear – one labeled “Homepage,” and one labeled “Posts page.” Select the page you want as your home page from the drop-down menu in the “Homepage” field (this might be a page you created called “Home,” or it might be an existing page like “About Us”). If you want to show posts on another separate page, select that from the drop down menu in the “Posts” field (you can also leave this blank if you don’t want a separate posts page).

Step 3:

To preview your new homepage before publishing, click on the blue “Preview” button at the top right corner of your screen. If everything looks good, click on “Publish” at the top right corner of your screen and then click on “Save & Publish.” Your home page is now live! You can go back into Customize mode at any time to update or adjust any settings related to your homepage or posts pages.


Changing your WordPress home page is simple and only takes a few minutes! Once completed, you’ll have more control over how people interact with your site, allowing them to quickly find what they’re looking for without having to search through menus or sidebars. Try customizing your home page today and see how much easier it makes navigating around your website!

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