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How to Clear Your WordPress Cache

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If you’ve noticed that changes you make to your WordPress site aren’t appearing, it might be time to clear your cache. Clearing the cache is a simple process, but can be confusing for website owners who are new to the WordPress platform. In this post, we will explain what a cache is and how to clear it in WordPress.

What is a Cache?

A cache is a storage area where frequently accessed data can be stored temporarily so that it can be retrieved quickly. Caches are used in many aspects of computing, and one common type of cache is browser caching. When someone visits your website, their browser will store some of the website elements (such as images) locally so that they don’t need to be downloaded each time they visit the page. This helps speed up page loading times for visitors as well as reducing bandwidth usage for your website.

However, if you change something on your website—such as an image or text—then those changes may not appear immediately because the cached version of the page will still be displayed until the browser updates its cache. This can be annoying if you’re making frequent changes to your website and then having to wait for them to appear publicly. The solution is to manually clear the WordPress cache so that the new version of the page will be displayed right away.

How To Clear Your WordPress Cache

There are several ways to clear your WordPress cache, depending on which caching plugin you are using. If you’re using a caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache then there will usually be an option in the settings where you can delete all cached files at once with one click. Alternatively, if you don’t have a caching plugin installed then you can use a free plugin such as WP-Optimize which will allow you to clear your caches from within WordPress itself. It’s also possible to manually delete any cached files from within cPanel or FTP if needed – however this should only be done by experienced users who know what they’re doing!


Clearing your WordPress site’s cache is important when making changes that won’t show up immediately on your live site due to browser caching issues. Thankfully it’s easy enough for anyone with basic knowledge of WordPress – simply install and activate a caching plugin (if needed) and then use its options panel or dedicated plugins such as WP-Optimize or WP-Rocket to quickly delete all cached files at once without any fuss! Clear caches regularly whenever making major changes on your site so that visitors always see the latest version of pages and posts – happy blogging!

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