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How to Duplicate a Section in Elementor

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Designing a website can be a time-consuming process, especially when it comes to creating unique sections. But what if there was a quick and easy way to duplicate a section in Elementor? Luckily, there is! With Elementor’s duplication feature, you can save time and effort while designing your website. In this article, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to duplicate a section in Elementor.

Step 1:

Open the Elementor Editor and choose the section you want to duplicate. You can select the section by clicking on it once.

Step 2:

Click on the small “Settings” button on the selected section. It will open a new window where you can find the “Duplicate” option. Click on it to duplicate the section.

Step 3:

After clicking on the “Duplicate” button, Elementor will create a new section identical to the one you selected. You can then drag it to another location or add any edits that you want.

Step 4:

You can also use the shortcut keyboard keys to duplicate a section in Elementor. Simply click on the section and press “CTRL + D” for PC users or “CMD + D” for Mac users. It will immediately create a new section.

Step 5:

You can also name the section differently by clicking on the section’s title. It’s useful when you have multiple duplicated sections in the same page.


Elementor’s duplication feature is an excellent way to save time and effort in designing your website. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily duplicate a section and customize it according to your needs. Whether you’re creating a new website or updating an existing one, duplicating sections in Elementor will make your design process more efficient. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out and see how it can benefit your website’s overall aesthetics.

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