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How to Easily Add Social Media Buttons to Your WordPress Site

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If you’re looking for a way to easily add social media buttons to your WordPress website, then look no further. Adding social media buttons is an important part of developing a successful online presence and building a community around your website. Having the right buttons in place will help you increase the amount of engagement on your posts, as well as get more followers and likes on your various social media accounts. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to add social media buttons to your WordPress site.

Using Plugins

One of the easiest ways to add social media buttons is by using plugins. There are a number of free and premium plugins available that can help you quickly add share and follow buttons for all of the major social networks. Most plugins come with customizable options so you can choose which networks to display, what color scheme you want, and where exactly on your page or post you want them placed. You can even use plugins like SumoMe or Jetpack that offer built-in analytics so you can track how many times people have shared or followed from your page or post.

Adding Buttons Manually

If you don’t want to use a plugin, then you can also manually add social media buttons directly into your website’s code or theme files. Most websites provide code snippets that contain everything needed for adding their respective button, such as size and color preferences and JavaScript for tracking sharing activity. This method requires some technical knowledge but it offers more control over how the buttons appear on your site and how they interact with users who access them via mobile devices.

Using Widgets

Finally, if you don’t want to mess with code at all then there are widgets available from most popular networks that allow you to quickly integrate their share or follow button into any page on your site. These widgets work by generating an HTML snippet that can be pasted into any post or page within WordPress without having to install any additional plugins or mess with any code whatsoever. They are simple yet effective and make it easy for anyone with basic HTML knowledge to quickly add share or follow buttons wherever they need them.


With so many different options available, adding social media buttons has never been easier! Whether you decide to use plugins, widgets, or manually insert the code yourself, it’s important to remember that each option gives its own unique advantages when it comes down optimizing user experience on your website while increasing engagement on both sides – yours and the visitor’s! So go ahead – make sure those share & follow buttons get added today!

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