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How to Edit Mobile Only in Elementor

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Elementor is a web design software that allows you to create responsive and stunning websites without the need for coding. Given that mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary means through which people access the internet, it’s essential to ensure your website looks great on all types of devices, including mobile. Elementor enables you to customize your website for mobile devices with ease.

In this blog post, we will explore how to edit mobile only in Elementor. Whether you’re adding or hiding content, adjusting sizing and spacing, or even constructing a completely different layout for mobile devices, we have got you covered.

Hide or Show Widgets

Sometimes you may want to toggle the visibility of an element based on the device type. You can design headers, footers, or even individual sections of your website and enable a particular element to only appear on mobile. To do this, go to the Style tab of the element you wish to modify, click the Advanced settings, and choose ‘Hide on Desktop,’ or choose ‘Hide on Tablet’ when editing a mobile-only widget.

Use the Mobile Only Column

With the Elementor WordPress plugin’s introduction of mobile editing, you can now preview and edit your website while it is in Mobile view. You can drag and drop mobile-only columns from the widgets panel onto your page, and customize them accordingly. These columns allow you to display your content in a manner that is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring your visitors experience a seamless browsing experience.

Change Spacing and Sizing for Mobile Devices

Another essential aspect to consider when editing mobile only in Elementor is to ensure that the website’s spacing and sizing are optimized for mobile devices. To modify the padding and margin values for mobile only, go to the Advanced tab and select the Responsive icon. This will display breakpoints that allow you to customize the padding and margin values for different device dimensions.

Create a Mobile-Only Layout

While Elementor’s responsive editor helps with the bulk of mobile optimization, sometimes you may want to have a completely different design layout for the mobile version of your website. To build and customize a mobile-only layout, click on the mobile icon in the bottom panel, navigate to the Sections block, add a new unique section, and customize it as necessary.

Preview and Test Your Mobile Design

Finally, the last step in editing mobile only in Elementor is to preview and test your mobile design. Once you’ve updated all the necessary elements, click on the Preview button and select the mobile view. This will reveal how your website looks on different mobile devices, allowing you to make any adjustments as necessary.


Optimizing your website for mobile devices is becoming increasingly essential, and with the advanced capabilities of Elementor’s mobile optimization, achieving a seamless mobile experience is now within your reach. We hope this guide provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to edit mobile only in Elementor effectively. Remember to test, evaluate and tweak your mobile design continuously to ensure that your website is always performing optimally on all devices.

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