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How to Fix Incorrect File Permissions Error in WordPress

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Incorrect file permissions can cause various errors in WordPress. WordPress will directly tell you when there are incorrect file permissions. The same thing applies to folders as well. If the folder permissions are not correct, it will still show you the error. Therefore, you might be looking for a way to solve the error. We are here with the method to solve and fix the incorrect file and folder permission. The error applies to both sides. Sometimes, it is the error because of the file permission whereas sometimes it is because of the folder permission.

We will see how to fix incorrect file permissions error in WordPress.

Overview of the File/Folder Permission Error

We will first see why the permissions are set and why you need them. Later on, we will get into how you can fix it if it somehow gets changed. We will also see the reason for the error.

All the folders and files are stored on your server. When you install the WordPress script, it will need permission to read, write, and modify the folders.

If you don’t give the folders specific permissions, it will show errors in various places. With the errors, WordPress won’t be able to read or create the folders.

As a result, you might see errors in the website or you might see errors in one of the following things.

  • Uploading images
  • Adding more themes or plugins
  • Website error
  • Blank screen
  • Security issues

There are surely many other errors that you might face. However, these are the common things seen.

Now, all the folders have the same file permission and all the files have the same file permissions. So, you don’t need to set different folder permissions for each of them. You just need to set one for all. The same applies to files.

Here, the permission is represented by a number as well as the other options. So, you will have to configure the options and along with his, you will have to change the number.

You can change the name of the folders in bulk with just a few clicks. We will see it in the tutorial on how to change the folder permissions and file permissions in WordPress (in bulk).

Backup your Files

Before you make any changes to the folder or file permission, make sure you have an active backup of your website.

Just in case, something goes wrong. You should have a backup that you can restore with a few clicks. So, make sure you have the backup. It is recommended to backup the database too.

You can use plugins to take the backup or you can also use the default backup given by the cPanel Softaculous.

How to Fix Incorrect File Permissions Error in WordPress

Now, we will see how to fix incorrect file permission error in WordPress. If you follow all the steps you will be able to fix the permissions so easily.

Before we get into the steps. Let’s see which permissions you need to set.

  • For all the folders, you will need to set the permissions to 755
  • In the same way, you need to set the file permission to 644

Once you do these two things, you are all set to clear all the errors. We will now see how you can set the same permissions for all the folders and files in bulk.

Let’s begin the tutorial and see what you need to do to set the permissions for all the folders and files.

Open your File Manager or FTP

Incorrect File Permissions Error in WordPress

Now, the method we will see will be similar to the file manager and FTP.

You can do this for any type. If you want to do it with FTP, you will need to download Filezilla or any other client in your Windows or Macbook.

Enter the details and then you can follow the next step.

In the same way, if you want to do it with the file manager, you can go to the file manager from cPanel.

Inside it, you can open the directory, and there you will see all the files. You can now follow the given steps and you will see all the information.

We will first change the file permissions and then we will change the folder permissions. We will see the easiest way to do it. So, we will the two different steps where we will see how you can do it. To make things simpler, we will sum up the entire tutorial in just two steps.

In this way, it will be easier for you to follow. Also, the steps are mostly similar to the file manager and FTP. So, you don’t need to worry about that.

Changing the Folder Permissions

Now, first, we will change the folder permissions error in WordPress. For that, we will change all the folders in bulk.

To do that, you need to open your WordPress directory. Inside the WordPress directory, you will have to select all the folders.

Usually, there are three folders that you will have to select.

  • Wp-content
  • Wp-admin
  • Wp-includes

Select them and then right-click on it.

When you right-click on it, it will show you various options. Select properties from it.

Now, you will have to apply the following options in the properties section.

  • Owner’s Permissions: Select read, write, and execute
  • Group Permissions: Select read and execute only. Uncheck the write option
  • Public Permission: Select read and execute only. Uncheck the write option

In most cases, this would be the default option selected. So, you don’t need to do anything and then continue.

  • Set the numeric value to 755

Now, comes the real deal. There will be some other options that you need to select.

  • Select “Apply/Recurse into all subdirectories
  • Uncheck “Apply to all files and directories”
  • Uncheck “Apply to files only”
  • Select “Apply to Directories only”

You would only be able to select one option from the three options. So, you can just select the last one.

Just select all and then continue the option.

You will then have to wait for a couple of sends until the process gets completed. After that, you can continue to the options.

I will take a couple of seconds for the process to complete. Therefore, you can wait until the process is completed.

Make sure you don’t stop the process in between. If it somehow gets interrupted, you can then restart the process.

Don’t get too excited because we still need to fix the files.

Changing the File Permissions

The above-given process will just complete the folder permissions. Now, we will see the process to complete the filing process.

For that, you can continue the following process.

The steps are almost similar but there are a couple of changes.

You will need to open the file manager and select everything. Yes, you need to select all the files and folders for both of the things. Make sure you also select the folders.

Right-click on it and then select Properties from the options.

Now, you will have to select the following options.

  • You will have to select read and write from the options and then unselect the execute button.
  • The next thing is to select the read-option. Unselect the write and execute the option
  • You will have to select read-option in the last option. You will have to select the write and execute the option

Again, that would be the default option in most cases. You just need to take care of things.

  • Write 644 in the file permissions

Now, you need to select the rest of the options. Make sure you select the options correctly from the next options. Here, we will select the things as given below.

  • Click on “Apply/Recurse to all the subdirectories”
  • From the last three options, you just need to select one option. So, we will select the middle options here. The option is “Apply to all the files”.

Once you select all the options as given above. You can click on the apply button. Wait till the process is completed.

Just like above, it might take a couple of seconds to complete the entire process.

Now, your job is almost done. You can save the changes and then check the website again.

Contact the Hosting Provider

If you are still not able to make the changes then you can contact the hosting provider.

Most of the reputed hosting providers are generous enough to make the changes for you. You guessed it right, they might also make the changes for you. In this way, you will get the changes directly made for you.

This is an easy way to change the files and folders.

Final Words

To conclude, this is the easiest way to fix incorrect file permissions error in WordPress. We saw how you can do it in bulk. Make sure you have a backup of your website before making the changes. Further, you need to see that you select the right options as we stated. Selecting the wrong options will cause huge problems.

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