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How to Fix Mixed Content Warnings Error in WordPress

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Mixed content warnings error is pretty common in the WordPress website with an SSL certificate. If it is your first time using the SSL certificate, you will surely face this issue.

Don’t worry, this issue is because of other resources, we will see how you can fix it.

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Why do you see Mixed Content Warning?

Usually, when you use an SSL certificate on your website, you might see this error.

It will simply show that “You are not fully secure” and when you see the console, you will see the exact warning.

Just right click on the website and then click on inspect elements. Now, you can select a console from the options.

When you select the console, you can reload the website.

It will show you the full warning. It will say something like this.

Mixed Content: The page at was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image/script at

Please note that it might change as per the website. So, we suggest you not to look for the exact message. However, you might have got a similar message. If you want to resolve it, you are in the right place. Here, we will see the exact steps on how to fix the mixed content warning on your website.

Using Existing Plugin to Fix

If you are using SSL, you surely might be using a plugin to use it with ease. If you already using a plugin, you can tweak the settings a little bit and solve the issue.

Most of the SSL plugin will have various options from which you can select.

These are the options to see depending on the plugin you are using. Let’s begin with the most popular plugin for SSL. That is Really Simple SSL. Most of you will be using this plugin for integrating the SSL certificate on your website. If you are one of them then you can surely try this.

There are various options available on the website that you can choose from. However, that’s only available in the pro version. So, if you want to get the options, you need to get the pro version of Really Simple SSL.

Most people out there don’t want to spend the money. So, we will no see the free option that you can use. Yes, there is a free option available too.

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Don’t worry, you can use this plugin along with the Really Simple SSL plugin too. So, there will be no issues in using both of them together.

Without wasting more time, let’s see the next option.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

There I a different plugin available to fix all the insecure content.

The main reason why you will see the insecure content warnings error is because of the content. When you load a webpage, the webpage is loaded in HTTPS but the content and the scripts are loaded in the HTTP format. As a result, you see the error.

Now, we will see how you can fix both of these with just a few clicks.

First of all, you will need to install a plugin called “SSL Insecure Content Fixer”. It’s a free plugin and you can get it from the plugin directory itself.

Just install and activate the plugin and that’s it.

Now, you see another option to fix the content.

Go to settings and then head over to the SSL Insecure Content Fixer option. It will show various options in it. You will need to select proper options from the given ones.

There are 6 options given here.

  1. Off
  2. Simple
  3. Content
  4. Widgets
  5. Capture
  6. Capture All

In most cases, you can go with the content option and save the change. This will do the job for you. However, if it doesn’t, you can increase it to the widgets and so on.

By default, it will be set to the default option. If you are not using any plugin for SSL, even the simple option will do the job.

However, most of you might be using a plugin for SSL. Therefore, they can directly try going with the content option and if it doesn’t work, you can increase it one by one.

You can try visiting the website before changing.

Explaining the Options

Off: Of course, there is no explanation needed for this.

Simple: Simple is the most basic encryption. Here, the website URL will be encrypted and served over HTTPS.

Content: Content is the next option that you can choose. Here, the plugin will serve all the images and content via HTTPS. This will solve the error for most people. In the console, if you are seeing the image warning then this is the best option that you can go with. This will solve all the problems.

Widgets: The next option is the widgets. As you might have guessed, it will encrypt all the widgets along with the content too. Therefore, you will get encrypted content as well as you will get encrypted widgets. If you are using the widget and it’s not servers over HTTPS, you can enable this option.

Capture: The capture option will try to capture and serve all the options over HTTPS instead of HTTP. This includes all the things starting from the header of the website to the footer. All of the things that you see will be captured and served over HTTPS. Please note that this will make your website slow in some cases. Therefore, don’t try this option unless the error isn’t fixed.

Capture All: You will see the last option that is capture all. Capture all in the option that you can use for the exceptional cases. If somehow your website is still showing the error, you can use capture all buttons to capture all the elements.

Please note that there will also be another option for HTTPS Encryption. Make sure you keep it to standard unless you know what you are doing. In simpler words, keep the default options and move on.

Page Builder Errors and Links

In most cases, the above-given plugin will fix all the issues. However, if it doesn’t, here are some tricks that you can try.

If you are using a page builder, then you also need to focus on the page builder as well. We will see how you can fix it with ease.

You can just open the settings page of your page builder. Please note that it’s not the page settings but the page builder settings. Inside it, you can see the option for the SSL. Page builders like Elementor and all the similar ones allow to you do with just a few clicks.

So, you can set the page builder to the server over HTTPS.

Now, remember when you were writing the post, you linked to all the internal posts of yours?

Sometimes, these links aren’t detected by the plugin. So, you can manually change all the links. We are not telling you to open an evert post and change it.

Instead, what we mean by manually is that you can use plugins such as Search and replace. This will help you to replace all the links in the database with just a few clicks.

Just write the domain name without https in the find section and then replace it with https.

For example, the find section will be and the replace section will be That’s it. Now, all the links will be changed. Make sure you run a dry run before finalizing the entries.

Cloudflare and CDN

If you are using CDN for the SSL then you might face this issue. You can easily solve this issue by just changing the settings in your CDN.

Most of you might be using Cloudflare CDN. So, we will talk about that. The same method applies to all of them. So, there is no chance that you need to make it here.

Try changing the SSL certificate type to flexible instead of strict.

You can change it by going to the encryption and there will be the option in the sidebar itself. You can change it with a few clicks and that’s it.

Now, you can try loading the website again and the warning will be gone.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the ways to fix mixed content earnings error in WordPress.

Now, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind here. Sometimes, the cache memory will be stopping you from fixing the error. Therefore, if you are still seeing an error after trying all of these, you can simply try clearing the cache memory of the website. Further, you can also try disabling the cache plugin for a while to see if it is working properly or not. You can also try the incognito mode to check and test the website. In the incognito mode, the website is loaded without any cache. So, you will come to know whether it’s working or not.

That’s it. Try all of these and your problem will be fixed.

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