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How to Fix White Screen of Death Error in WordPress?

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If you are using WordPress, sometimes, you might see a white blank screen on your WordPress and nothing else. It’s popularly known as the White Screen of Death Error. In simpler words, if you can’t find out what’s the issue at, it’s hard to solve. For Windows users, the name might sound similar. If you are using Windows, you might have surely heard about the Blue Screen of Death. This is something similar. It will stop loading your website and your visitors will have to suffer.

We will see how to fix the White Screen of Death Error in WordPress.

Before we get into the solution, let’s learn more about the error.

Overview of White Screen of Death Error

White Screen of Death

It’s an error where a completely white screen is displayed instead of the normal website.

You won’t see any error in most of the browsers. Whereas, in some browser, you will see another error where it will simply say that failed to load the page or this page it’s working.

So, if you see a similar error, the solutions are the same.

Generally, the reason is not known for this error. It could be due to one of the plugins or themes. There is a possibility that the memory limit is exhausted. That’s why you are seeing this error. No matter which one of these is your problem, we will see the solution for all.

It’s hard to know what’s the problem here. So, we will have to try out all the possible ways and see if it is working or not.

You can try out all of them one by one as we say. This will make sure that your website will start working as soon as possible. With that being said, let’s begin the solutions.

How to fix the Fix White Screen of Death Error?

We will see how you can Fix the White Screen of Death Error. Before that, make sure you have a complete backup of your website.

Even if it is not working, it’s important to have a working backup of your website. You can use any plugins available in the WordPress directory to take the backup of your files and database. Make sure you also include the database along with the files. It’s important to back up the database as well as the files.

Once you have the backup, you can try out all of the below-given methods to Fix the White Screen of Death Error.

Rollback the Changes

The first thing that you can try is to roll back the changes that you just made. If you have added a plugin, you need to deactivate it. If you messed around with the code somewhere, you need to remove that code. In the same way, if you changed the website, you need to switch back to the original theme.

This is the easiest way to fix the changes if the error is because of the actions. If you took some actions and that’s the reason you are seeing this error then you can use this to fix the issue.

You can simply fix the issue by reverting to the code. Now, if you don’t have access to the admin panel, it will be harder to deactivate the plugin, right? Well, here are the steps to follow in that case.

  • Open your cPanel and head over to file manager
  • If you are using multi-domain hosting, you need to open the website directory else you can open public_html where all the files will be there.
  • Now, open the wp-content folder
  • Head over to the plugins folder
  • Find the plugin that you want to deactivate
  • Now, you can simply rename the name of the plugin.
  • That’s it. Try the website again and see if it is working or not.

The same steps apply to the themes too.

If you have changed the code, then you surely know what to remove and how to do it. You can just remove the code and that’s it.

Deactivate all Plugins and Themes

If the above-given method doesn’t Fix the White Screen of Death Error, you can deactivate all the plugins.

All you have to do is follow the same steps as above. However, there is a small change that you can make.

Instead of changing the name of the individual plugins, you can change the name of the entire folder. For example, you can change the name of the plugin folder to whatever you want. The same applies to themes.

That’s pretty much it.

Now, you are all set to check and test the website again. In most cases, it will start working.

However, don’t worry if it doesn’t work, we still have many methods that you can try.

Increase the Memory

You can surely try increasing the memory of your website. By default, WordPress allocated a fixed memory for the execution. If the memory is full then you will see the error. Therefore, you will have to increase the memory.

To do that, you can open your wp-config.php file and add the following line inside it. The file will be in the root directory itself. You will see the file in the main file itself.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');C

Save the file and then you can check the website again to see if it is working or not.

If not, you can try increasing the PHP version of your website. You will get this option in the cPanel of your website. Open your cPanel and head over to Select PHP version. Inside it, you can select the latest version.

Once you select the latest version, you can reload the website again to see what’s the progress.

If it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t change it. This will help you in many ways. It will allow you to upload huge files on your WordPress website. In the same way, it’s helpful in many ways. SO, it’s always better to keep the change and keep the memory increased. However, it’s your choice.

You can surely change the PHP version back to the original one if you want. It’s recommended to switch back to the original one especially if you have other scripts along with WordPress.

Server Logs

You can surely check out the server logs. Your hosting provider has a complete log saved for you. You also have the access to the same log file. With the log file, you can see where was the problem. The log file will tell you the exact problem.

For example, if there is a problem with one of the plugin’s files, it will tell you in which file the error is and it will also tell you in which line the error is.

Of course, most of the people aren’t technical enough to solve the issue. So, we will see how you can solve this error.

To solve this error, you can simply replace the files with the original file.

Let’s see a practical example to know better. If the logs say that there is a problem with a plugin file. You can open that particular plugin in the WordPress directory. Now, you need to download the zip from the link given. WordPress directory allows you to download the code of the website.

You can download the code of the plugin. Now, you can extract it on your computer.

Once you extract the zip, you will need to find the exact file that had an error. Now, just replace the file with the original one.

You can also replace the entire plugin. It is surely your choice. If you replace the entire plugin, you can simply upload the zip and change it directly from the file manager.

The same goes for the theme files or core files. You just need to download the original file from the source and that’s it.

Contact the Hosting Provider

If nothing works, then you have still got the hosting provider. You can simply contact the hosting provider. The hosting provider will suggest to you what to do next. In most cases, they will fix the complete issue for you.

It might be a big deal for you but for the hosting provider, it’s a small task. They can easily do it as they have the root access to the main account. Therefore, you can surely take the advantage of that and get your error fixed.

All you have to do is turn on the live chat and tell them about the issue. They will guide on what you should do next and if you ask them to fix it for you, they will do it.

This is the last option that you can try. The hosting provider will surely suggest you depending on your problem.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the methods to fix the white screen of death error in WordPress. Make sure you have a backup of your website before you try any of these. This is the most important part. Also, try checking the website in incognito mode when you are testing it.

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