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How to Hide a WooCommerce Product?

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In eCommerce, you have to hide WooCommerce products from your store all too often. Even covering a certain product category can prove to be a time-consuming task. We will examine common product concealment practices and view tools that enable additional functionality. Whilst going over this tutorial, choose the most convenient method for your situation and apply it on your website.  Let us begin.

What is a Hidden Product in WooCommerce?

Almost every online store needs to hide some of its products from time to time. It is a frequent procedure for businesses of any size.  In essence, a hidden product is stored in a database and published from your dashboard but concealed from your website and store pages for a single or multiple users. Respectively, a WooCommerce product has one of the following properties:

  • It is invisible to a particular group of users and cannot be seen in either the shop or archive pages.
  • The corresponding product page cannot be accessed from a direct link via URL or by any other means.
  • Product and its information are not displayed in any search engine.

There is a multitude of cases where you could need to apply one of the aforementioned conditions to your WooCommerce product. Let us suppose that New Year is around the corner and you want to sell a small discounted celebratory trinket for your loyal registered members. Consequently, you have to hide the trinket for all other website visitors and display it for logged-in users only.

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In cases where the number of products is low, hiding them manually might be the best option as it is rather quick and efficient. But for wholesalers like B2B stores, doing it manually would be a maddening task. Thankfully, there are a lot of third-party tools that assist in controlling the product visibility state and, in general, just improve the management features of your WooCommerce online establishment.

Hiding WooCommerce Product Manually

The simplest way is to hide every WooCommerce product one by one via your WordPress dashboard. Start by clicking on the All Products tab underneath the Products dropdown.

WooCommerce product

Now, pick a product of your choosing and go to the Edit screen. Take a look at the Publish window on the right side of your screen. Locate the Catalog Visibility: Shop and Search Results property.

wordpress woocommerce product hide publish

Click on the highlighted Edit text and new options will show up. Choose Hidden and mark the checkbox. Press the OK button to confirm your choice.

hide woocommerce product

To apply the changes on the front-end and display them accordingly, you have to click the Update button in the same Publish window.

update product

Congratulations, you have successfully hidden the relevant WooCommerce product from your store. Now you will have to repeat the same procedure for all products you wish to hide.

Hiding the WooCommerce Products via Plugins

As we mentioned before, hiding a large quantity of WooCommerce products manually is too tedious and time-consuming. In your online business, you want to be as productive as possible. So it is imperative to choose the right tools for the job. Even though the basic version of WooCommerce does not enable bulk action visibility functionality for products, there are third-party plugins that can help. We will take a look at different plugins and point out the better uses for each of them.

  • Products Visibility by User Roles – This plugin will allow you to set WooCommerce product visibility however you like. You can change the global visibility settings, hide or show products from catalogs for particular users and forbid search engines from indexing your product pages additionally to other features.
  • WooCommerce Members Only – Mainly used for restricting access to particular content on a WordPress website. But you can use it to hide WooCommerce products too. It is an especially useful plugin for membership sites as it provides plenty of options concerning log-in states, user IDs, membership tiers, et cetera.
  • Protect Your WooCommerce Categories – A convenient tool for managing a large number of products with the same category/ies. You can even group website users and create a customized wholesale shop for them. Additionally, your WooCommerce store gains an additional layer of security via the added security steps.
  • Create a Private WooCommerce Store – Great for private members or wholesale operations. You can hide your WooCommerce store from search engines and prying eyes completely. With a multitude of supplementary security measures at your disposal, you are certain to manage and regulate your members-only store with ease.

Keep in mind that only by visiting each plugin’s documentation, you will be able to see the full extent of its capabilities and ascertain whether or not it is the right tool for the job. There are numerous options out there plugin-wise, so be sure to check out the plugin store.

Final Words

When hiding WooCommerce products, consider how laborious the task could prove to be and the number of products that you need to hide. Maybe it can all be done manually and you will not even need to enable third-party functionality. Thankfully, there are various tools for WooCommerce on the marketplace, so you can always skim through the selection to find the help you need. We wish you a bug-free journey through the world of eCommerce and stay tuned for more articles!

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