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How to Hide Your Website in WordPress

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Whether you need to hide your website for security reasons or just want to keep it out of the public eye, WordPress offers a few different ways to ensure that your website is only accessible by those who have permission. Here’s what you need to know about hiding your WordPress website.

Password Protection

The most basic way to hide your WordPress website is by password protecting it. This will make sure that anyone who wants access must provide a username and password before they can view the content on the site. To do this, simply go into Settings > Reading and then select “Password Protected” from the Privacy drop-down menu. You will be asked for a password and a confirmation message for visitors trying to access the page. Once this is done, any visitor attempting to view your website will be prompted with a login form.

Maintenance Mode

If you are making changes or updates to your website, you may want to put it into maintenance mode so that visitors don’t see any unfinished work while it’s being worked on. Maintenance mode allows you to show an alternate splash page when someone visits instead of them seeing the actual site. To put your WordPress site into maintenance mode, simply go into Settings > General and check off “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” Then click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page. This will make sure that search engines don’t index your site while it’s in maintenance mode, keeping it hidden from public view until you are ready for it to be seen again by everyone.

Private Posts or Pages

If you only need certain posts or pages hidden rather than all of them, there is a setting for that too! In each post or page editor, there is an option called “Visibility” under Status & Visibility section in the Publish box on the right side of the screen. By default, this should be set as Public but if you need some posts hidden from public view then choose Private in order to hide them from everyone except those with permission (Administrators).


Hiding your website isn’t as difficult as it may seem thanks to WordPress’ array of feature options and settings available within each post or page editor – allowing users more control over their own websites visibility than ever before! With options like Password Protection, Maintenance Mode and Private Posts or Pages – you can rest assured knowing that only those given permission will be able view whatever content you desire! So if privacy is important for your website then take advantage of these features today!

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