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Are you looking to insert an image into your WordPress website but aren’t sure how? Perhaps you’re struggling to figure out the best way to optimize images for SEO, or maybe you just want to know how to add a featured image? If so, keep reading! We’ll cover everything from finding and uploading images, to optimizing them for SEO. Let’s get started!

Finding and Uploading Images

The first step is finding an image that suits your website. You can use a stock photo site like Shutterstock or Unsplash, or create your own using a tool like Canva. Once you have an image ready, it’s time to upload it.

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Log into your WordPress dashboard, open the post or page where you want the image to appear, and click the “Add Media” button above the text editor. A popup window will appear with several tabs at the top. Click on “Upload Files” and select your image from your computer or device. Your image is now uploaded and ready for use!

Optimizing Images for SEO

Now that you’ve uploaded your images, let’s look at how we can optimize them for SEO. Start by giving each of them a descriptive file name—this helps search engines understand what they are about. Then, click on “Attachment Details” in the right-hand side of the window and fill out all of the fields with relevant keywords—for example, if it’s a photo of a beach sunset then use words like “sunset beach ocean blue sky” in these fields. It’s also important to include alt tags—these are small pieces of text that describe what is in an image if someone can’t see it (or if a search engine is scanning it).

Adding a Featured Image

Finally, let’s take a look at adding a featured image. This is simply an image that appears at the top of posts or pages when they’re listed on their respective archive pages (e.g., when someone clicks on ‘blog’ from your homepage). To do this, go back into your post/page editor screen and scroll down until you find “Featured Image” in the left-hand sidebar menu. Click on this and select which image you want as your featured one; this will then be displayed whenever someone views this post/page from its archives page.


In conclusion, adding images to WordPress doesn’t have to be complicated! Simply find an appropriate photo that suits your website (or create one!), upload it through the media library tab in WordPress dashboard, give it descriptive file names and meta data (like title tags & alt tags), then add it as a featured image if needed. With these simple steps completed – voila! – You now have successfully added an optimized photo into WordPress!

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