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If you’re a website owner, you know the importance of keeping your pages organized. But what if you want to keep certain page titles hidden? By default, WordPress displays page titles prominently on each web page. In this article, we’ll discuss why you may want to hide page titles in WordPress and how to do it.

Why Hide Your Page Titles?

There are several reasons why you may want to hide a page title. You may have a web page that contains information or images that don’t need an accompanying title, or perhaps you just don’t want any text displayed on that particular page. Whatever the reason, hiding your page titles can help keep your website more organized and appealing.

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How to Hide Page Titles in WordPress

Fortunately, there is an easy way to hide page titles in WordPress. All you need is a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). ACF is a free plugin that adds custom fields to the WordPress dashboard where you can enter various pieces of information about your website, such as meta descriptions and post categories. It also allows you to add a “hide title” field so that page titles won’t be displayed on the front end of your website.

Once installed and activated, go to the ACF settings in the WordPress dashboard and select “Add New Field Group.” From there, click “Add Field” and select “True/False” from the drop-down menu under “Field Type.” Give the field a name (such as “Hide Title”) and check off the box for “True/False Selector.” Then click “Publish Changes,” which will add this new field group with your desired setting into all pages created with WordPress from that point forward.


By using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin for wordpress ,you can easily hide all unwanted page titles from appearing on the frontend of your websites thus making it more organized and attractive . With just few clicks one can easily get rid of their unwanted page titles without doing much extra work .So if your looking for ways to make your website better by adding some extra features then ACF plugin is definitely worth taking look at .It might be just what you need !

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