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How to Make a Phone Number Clickable on WordPress

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If you run a website, it is important for customers to be able to reach you easily. One way of doing this is by making your phone number clickable so that visitors can simply tap the number on their mobile device and have it automatically dialed. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making a phone number clickable on WordPress.

Step 1:

The first step is to install the “WP Call Button” plugin. This plugin allows you to easily add call buttons anywhere on your site with just a few clicks. Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to the “Settings” page in your dashboard and configure any options that you would like.

Step 2:

After configuring the settings, go back to the main dashboard and click “Appearance” followed by “Widgets”. You should see a new widget called “WP Call Button” in the list of available widgets. Drag and drop this widget into whichever part of your website you would like to display your phone number (e.g., sidebar or footer).

Step 3:

Now that you have added the widget, enter your phone number into the text field labeled “Phone Number (Required)” and click “Save” at the bottom of the page. Your phone number should now be displayed as a clickable link on your website! When visitors tap this link on their mobile device, it will automatically dial your number.


Making a phone number clickable on WordPress is easy with just a few simple steps! By installing the WP Call Button plugin and following these instructions, visitors can quickly contact you by simply tapping one button on their mobile device—no more having to manually enter a long string of numbers! With this setup, customers can reach out whenever they need assistance or have questions about your product or service.

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