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How to Make Your Header Transparent with Elementor

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One of the most popular trends in web design right now is the use of transparent headers for an elegant, modern look. And with Elementor – a user-friendly page builder plugin for WordPress – making your header transparent is incredibly easy to do. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to create a transparent header with Elementor, so you can elevate the look of your website without spending hours messing with code.

Step 1: Create a new header template.

First, create a new header template or edit an existing one. To create a new one, go to Templates > Theme Builder > Header > Add New Template. Choose the type of header you want to create (header block or header section), then click ‘Create Template’.

Step 2: Add a row to your template.

The next step is to add a row to your template. Click the ‘Add New Section’ button, select the ‘Structure’ tab, and choose how many columns you want your row to have. Then, click ‘Insert’.

Step 3: Adjust the row settings.

Click on the newly added row to access the row settings. On the ‘Style’ tab, scroll down to the ‘Background’ settings and select ‘Classic’. Now you can adjust the opacity of the background color to make it transparent – simply slide the ‘Opacity’ bar to the left until the desired transparency level is achieved.

Step 4: Customize the content you want to include in your header.

Now, it’s time to add your desired content to the header. You can add widgets, elements, and text boxes to a column, adjust their sizes and positions by dragging them around on the canvas, and customize their design with various style settings.

Step 5: Apply the header template to your website.

Once you’ve finished creating your header template, click ‘Publish’ and apply the new header to your website by going to Appearance > Customize > Header > Header Style > Elementor – then select the template you just created.


And that’s it – you now have a beautiful transparent header that can help make your website look more professional and sleek. Elementor is a powerful tool that makes it incredibly easy to create custom headers that represent your brand and style. Give it a try and see how it can improve your website’s design!

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