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How To Make Your WordPress Images Full Width

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In this article, we’ll discuss how to make your WordPress images full width. This is a useful technique for creating eye-catching visuals on your website. Making your images full width can add a professional look to your site and draw attention to the content you want highlighted. Let’s dive into the details of how to make your WordPress images full width.

Choose an Image Size

The first step in making a WordPress image full width is choosing an appropriate size for it. As a rule of thumb, if you are using the image in a wide area across the entire page, then it should be set to around 1600 pixels wide or less. On the other hand, if you are using the image in a smaller space, such as alongside text or other content, then you can use an image that is 800 pixels wide or less. You can also adjust the height of your image based on what looks best on your page.

Insert Image into Post or Page

Once you have selected an image size that works for your page layout, it’s time to insert it into your post or page. To do this, click on ‘Add Media’ from within the post or page editor and select the image that you would like to use from your media library or upload one from your computer. Once selected, click ‘Insert into Post/Page’ and then proceed with setting up the options for displaying it on your page (see below).

Set Up Options for Displaying Image

When inserting an image into a post or page in WordPress, there are several options available that allow you to control how it displays on the frontend of your website. To make an image full width, simply choose ‘Full Size’ under “Attachment Display Settings” and align it accordingly (i.e., left aligned). This will ensure that the full size version of the image is displayed on your website when viewers view its page or post (this is important because some browsers may scale down larger images automatically). Additionally, you can also adjust things such as margins and spacing around the image if needed by clicking on ‘Advanced Settings’ when inserting it into posts/pages within WordPress (see below).


Making WordPress images full width is easy once you understand how to set up their display settings correctly within posts/pages in WordPress. By following these steps outlined above – choosing an appropriate size; inserting them into posts/pages; and setting up display settings – anyone who owns a website powered by WordPress should be able to quickly make their images full width without any issues at all! This technique can help create eye-catching visuals and draw attention to content that deserves highlighting on websites everywhere!

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