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How to Recover Your Hacked WordPress Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In today’s digital age, securing your website is as crucial as securing your home. Despite precautions, WordPress sites can sometimes fall victim to hackers. If your site has been compromised, don’t panic. This guide offers a comprehensive step-by-step approach to help you recover your hacked WordPress site.

How do I recover my WordPress site?

1. Identify & Understand the Hack: Before diving into recovery, determine the extent of the hack. Look for unusual behavior, unauthorized admin users, or suspicious content additions.

2. Quarantine & Control: Stop the spread of potential malware by disconnecting your website from the internet. Depending on your hosting provider, you may need to toggle “Maintenance Mode.”

3. Scan for Malware: Utilize security plugins or tools to scan for malicious code. This will help pinpoint malware locations and affected files.

4. Clean the Malware: After identifying the malware, either remove the affected files or clean them. If you’re unsure about doing this manually, consider our WordPress malware removal service. We specialize in ensuring your site is pristine and free from any malicious elements.

5. Strengthen Security: Update all passwords, including your WordPress, FTP, and database passwords. Also, consider implementing two-factor authentication.

6. Monitor & Report: Keep a vigilant eye on your site’s activities for a while. Informing your audience about the breach and recovery can also be a transparent approach, ensuring trust.

How do I restore my WordPress site without backup?

Recovering without a backup can be tricky but not impossible.

1. Check with your Hosting Provider: Many hosting providers keep backups of websites. They might have a recent version of your site.

2. Clean Infected Files Manually: This involves delving into your site’s files, identifying malicious code, and removing it. Be cautious, as mistakes can lead to more issues.

3. Use Google’s Cached Version: Google caches versions of web pages. While not ideal, you can retrieve some of your content this way.

How do I restore my WordPress site to a previous version?

1. Use Hosting Backups: As mentioned, many hosting providers offer backups as part of their package. You can use these to restore your site.

2. Use WordPress Revisions: WordPress has a built-in revision system. If the hack changed content, you might revert to a previous version through the post or page editor.

3. Use Backup Plugins: If you had a backup plugin installed, you could restore your site to a previous state using it.

How do I manually remove malware from my WordPress site?

1. Identify the Malware: Use security tools or plugins to scan your site. These tools will point out malware-infected files.

2. Access Files: Using an FTP client or file manager, access your site’s files.

3. Replace Core WordPress Files: Download a fresh copy of WordPress and replace core files. This doesn’t include the wp-content folder or the wp-config.php file.

4. Scrutinize wp-content: Delve into the wp-content folder and check for suspicious files. This folder houses your themes, plugins, and uploads.

5. Clean or Replace Custom Files: If any custom files (like themes) are infected and can’t be cleaned, replace them with a fresh copy.

6. Check .htaccess File: This file is often targeted by hackers. Compare yours with the default WordPress .htaccess file and remove any suspicious code.

7. Update & Clean Database: Sometimes, malware can infect your database. Use a plugin or manually comb through to ensure it’s clean.

If these steps seem overwhelming or if you’re worried about potential missteps, our WordPress emergency service is ready to jump in and assist.


In conclusion, while a hacked WordPress site can be daunting, with the right steps and guidance, recovery is achievable. Always remember to keep regular backups and maintain good security practices to minimize future risks.

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