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How to set up 2checkout for WooCommerce

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2checkout is a popular payment gateway that people are using to receive payments. You can use 2checkout with  WooCommerce too. This guide will cover how you can set up 2checkout for WooCommerce and start accepting the payments. You can easily start accepting the payments with ease.

What is 2checkout?

2checkout is a payment gateway that allows you to take payments from credit cards or you can start accepting the debit card too. Along with these two methods, there are many other methods that you will get. The user can pay using net banking and many others. The payment gateway allows you to make the payment without any issues.

One of the popular reasons why people love 2checkout is because of the low pricing. Unlike other payment gateways, here you won’t have to pay massive fees in the name of transaction fees and all the other stuff. The transaction fee is very low. This is why you can surely start using 2checkout.

If you are new to the payments world and you have not heard about 2checkout, don’t worry, as it’s one of the most popular payment gateways out there. People have been using it for years and they are very satisfied with it. So, you can surely start using the same payment gateway and get the best out of it.

It allows you to make payments anywhere in the world which is the next reason why you should be using it. They have changed their name and are now known as Verifone. When you visit the official website of 2checkout, you will see the Verifone logo as well.

So, even if some review website claims that the Verifone payment is better than this one. You can surely start using it. The Verifone payment and the 2checkout payments are the same. So, you can surely start using it.

Now, without wasting more time, we will see the features before we see how you can set up a 2checkout gateway.

Features of WooCommerce 2checkout


There are many features that you will get here. We will see what are the things you will get here. After seeing these things, you can decide whether you want to go with it or not.

Global support

It supports not only the US but other counties as well. You can accept payments from all around the world. With that being said, it might be clear that you can also accept payments in various currencies. This will give you the ultimate resource if you are selling things internationally. Further, there are some of the settings that you can do here. We will see the same thing.


They provide one of the easiest ways to checkout. The user can easily choose 2Checkout as their payment gateway and they can make the payment in your WooCommerce store. There is a complete payment API that will make the process faster and secure. When the user makes the payment, it will verify it with 2checkout to see if the payment is received or not. Once it’s received, it will show confirmation on the main page. This is how you can easily make the payment.

Further, it also supports inline checkout. It’s one of the popular ways you can make the payment. Sometimes. When you are visiting any website and when you make the payment, you won’t be redirected anywhere. Instead, you will see a small popup where you can enter the payment details. This is called Inline checkout. You can use the inline payments to make the customer experience easier. When the customer gets the ability to make the payment without leaving the website, it surely makes the experience a lot easier.

Simple pricing

Pricing is one of the important issues that people don’t take into consideration. You also need to see if the pricing is reasonable or not. They have various plans for it. You can head very the website and choose the plan that suits you the most. The main difference is in the features only. They will cut a small fee when a customer makes a successful payment. If you don’t want to use any of these settings, you can also go with the customs pricing where you can pay an upfront fee or they will give you an interesting offer that you might like.

So, if you are looking for better pricing, you can surely contact them. One of the things that we like about 2checkout is that they don’t have hidden pricing. All the things are transparent and they can make the payment.


There are many modules that you can get. The modules will make your work easier by giving you complete integration support. If you want to accept payment via any third-party plugin, you will have to get that module. For example, e if you are using the Convertplus plugin to take the payments you can surely use the module for the same.

In the same way, there are many modules that you can go with. The modules will allow you to make to accept the payments from any plugin. Not all the modules are free. Some of them are paid, you can surely go with the paid version there. Now, some people might also be thinking about the same thing when it comes to the main plugin. Let’s talk about the pricing.

It’s free

Yes, you read it right. It’s free. If you are using any other plugin for accepting payments, you might know that the plugins are usually paid. You will have to pay a small fee for the same. However, that’s not the case with WooCommerce 2checkout. You can get the plugin for free from Github.

Yes, the plugin is not available on the official website of WooCommerce. Instead, you will have to get it from the Github page. Don’t worry, it’s not a third-party app but it’s from the official company. You will find the link on their official website. So, there are no issues in accepting payments from there.

How to setup WooCommerce 2checkout?

Now comes the main point for which most of you are here. We will see how you can setup WooCommerce 2checkout.

Get the Plugin 2checkout for WooCommerce

You will first have to get the plugin. Of course, this goes without saying, right? You can easily et the plugin from the official website of 2hcekcout. You will see the link to Github from there.

woocommerce 2checkout

You can download the plugin from Github. You can open the Github page. On the right side, you will see the clone option. You can click on the clone button and it will download the plugin on your computer.

woocommerce 2checkout

Make sure you have an active account at 2checkout before you install the plugin on your WordPress website. You will see the link to signup for an account. You can create your account and you are almost all ready to head over to the next step.

Before that, you need to install the plugin on the WordPress website.  You can simply head over to Plugins > Add new and then you can upload the zip file that you have downloaded. This is how you can get things rolling.

Enable the Plugin 2checkout for WooCommerce

You can easily enable the plugin by heading over to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments. You can enable the plugin from the payments. You can easily enable the payment gateway. In the same way, you can also activate all the modules if you want. There are many modules in the plugin.

You can activate the modules as per your wish. Don’t activate all of them if you don’t need them. You should only activate the modules that you want. Once you activate them, you can head over to the next step of the process.

Please note that if you are looking for the inline checkout, you need to activate the two checkout-inline payments module. In the same way, there will be one more payment module with the name 2checkout, you need to activate that too.

Connect the Plugin 2checkout for WooCommerce

You will have to connect the plugin first. You can easily do that by opening the plugin page. There will be an option by which you can connect the plugin with your account. You can easily do that by clicking on connect. It will ask for the details.

Forthermore for connecting 2checkout for WooCommerce – these are the API details that you can enter.

You can open 2checkout from this. You can open the Dashboard > Integrations and then you can head over to the Webhooks and API section.

Inside it, you will see the API details that you can copy and paste on the plugin.

You can also do the rest of the settings here.

You can activate the redirect URL by clicking on “Enable Return after Sale”. You can set the approved URL in the redirect part. This is used when you want to redirect all the successful payments to thank you page.

Enable IPN

You can also enable IPN from the settings. You can scroll down on the same page a bit and you will see the option for IPN. You can enable that and add the URL if you want.

Test the Gateway

Don’t simply think that everything is alright and working. You can easily use the payment gateway’s sandbox details. You can enter the sandbox details and it will allow you to test the website. You can test the website and check the payments.

If the payments are working correctly, you can surely continue and push the changes to the live website. This is how you can configure the payment gateway – 2checkout in WooCommerce

Should you use WooCommerce 2checkout?

Now comes the main question, should you use WooCommerce 2checkout or go with other gateways?

We will see which is the best thing you can do here. For that, we will take all the things into the condition and then decide that. We will begin with the pricing. The pricing is transparent and you are only paying the amount when you receive successful payment. So, it’s free.

Talking about the experience, it’s super easy as it also supports inline payments. You can use the inline payments as well as standard checkout. All the things will be done from the payment gateway only. So, they will handle the security for you. You don’t need to worry about security.

However, if you talk about the negative part. There is one biggest disadvantage that you will get. You can easily start using the payment gateway if you like it. But, there are no recurring payments supported. If you are looking to add a membership to your website or you want to offer a subscription-based product, you will have to change the payment gateway. As of now, they don’t allow any recurring payments.

This is one of the biggest disadvantages that you will have to go with. If you are not planning any of such things, you can surely keep using the WooCommerce 2checkout. You can also start using this and change it in the future if you want to offer membership.

Unlike many payment gateways, this is a free payment gateway. So, WooCommerce 2checkout is a choice for many people who don’t have enough budget. If that’s the case with you, you can surely start using the WooCommerce 2checkout payment gateway.

Final Words about WooCommerce 2checkout

To conclude, this is how you can start using the WooCommerce 2checkout payment gateway. If you like the WooCommerce 2checkout, you can easily get started with the help of the free plugin that is available in Github. If you are looking for more functionality, there is another paid plugin available in CodeCanyon. You can surely start using the WooCommerce 2checkout from Codecanyon if you want more modules. It’s worth checking out. Lastly, make sure you have tested the website properly before you push it live. In this way, you can be sure that everything is error-free. You can surely check the website to know more details about it.

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