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How to set up Apple pay in WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Apple pay is the way by which you can accept payments from any credit or debit card. You can use the WooCommerce Apple pay gateway if you want to accept the payments flawlessly. It will make the entire checkout process smooth and easy.

In this guide, we will cover what are the features of WooCommerce Apple pay and how you can activate it. We will also see the best way using which you can integrate WooCommerce Apple pay.

So, it’s going to be a valuable guide as we will be seeing all the things that you should know about the gateway.

We will start with the overview. So, people will come to know about the basic thing.

Overview of WooCommerce Apple pay

WooCommerce Apple pay

If you are an Apple user, you surely might be knowing all about Apple pay. However, if you are not, this might be a completely new topic for you.

Apple pays is a payment gateway or we can say a mobile payment gateway that is also a digital payment. It supports all their products including their browser.

So, if a person is using any of the Apple devices such as the Apple iPhone or iPad, they can use Apple pay. Some people might be using the web version. If you are one among them, you can use their browser which is Safari browser to access Apple pay. You can surely make the payment from Apple Safari.

It also allows you to pay using Apple Watch and Mac. So, there is nothing to worry about if you have most of the Apple users on your website. However, if you have mixed people or you have the majority of them using mobile, you can surely opt for the alternative too. However, we suggest you keep Apple pay as this will attract many apple users who want to use a safe and secure way to make the payments.

As of now, we will continue with the WooCommerce Apple pay and see what are interesting things you can do here.

Enabling Apple Pay

This is where people make the mistake. Many people might be thinking that it’s a payment gateway using which you can accept credit and debit cards. That’s not true.

It’s just a mobile payment gateway that allows you to take payments from Apple users. It’s not a separate payment gateway.

That’s why if you want to activate it, you don’t have to get a different payment gateway for the same. You can easily do that via Stripe.

Stripe is a popular gateway that allows you to take payments from many counties. If Stripe allows you to take the payment from your country, you have successfully configured WooCommerce Apple pay too.

As to activate WooCommerce Apple pay, you will have to do it from Stripe. If you are not using Stripe, you will have to get your Stripe set first.

Now, many of our readers might not have Stripe installed and running. So, we will see a quick tutorial on Stripe before we get on to the next step.

We will see how you can set up Stripe and then we will get into other important things that as how you can setup WooCommerce Apple pay.

Setting up Stripe

WooCommerce Apple pay

You can easily set up Stripe. You don’t need to install any third-party plugin here. When you install WooCommerce, it will automatically install Stripe too. So, you can get the gateway installed when you install the main version of WooCommerce.

You can simply enable it by heading over to WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateway.

After you enable it, they will ask you for the details which you will have to enter. Now, this is the place where many people will get confused as they don’t have any details.

For that, you will have to create an account at Stripe. When you head over to the official website of Stripe, you can create an account there.

They will ask you for many details and they will also verify them. In some countries, you will be asked to submit business proof to ensure that you are correctly doing the business. Once you verify all the things, you are all set to go.

You can then start receiving the payments. It’s the best way to accept credit and debit cards. Stripe allows your customers to pay seamlessly.

Accepting Stripe Payments

Before you start accepting WooCommerce Apple pay, you will have to start accepting payments from Stripe.

For that, you will have to head over to WooCommerce and open the settings page from there. This is one of the most common things that you will have to do. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Stripe or any other payment gateway. If you want to change any settings, you will have to do the same thing.

Once you are there, you can simply open the payments option. Inside that, you will see the Stripe option. Besides that, it will say that you can enable it.

It will then allow you to accept Stripe payments. You are almost all set.

Before we move on to the next step, we will first see one important thing. You will have to test the payment before we move further. To do that, you can simply open your Stripe page and there will be a small option called Sandbox.

You can enable the Sandbox checkbox. It will ask you for the testing id and password. You can get it from the official website of Stripe. You can log in to your account and you will have the details of the sandbox.

They will provide you card details to check the payments. You can use the same detail to see if the payment is working or not. It’s just a testing card. So, you won’t get the payment.

Now, your job is to ensure that you are using the right settings inside it.

Activating WooCommerce Apple pay inside the Stripe

Once you have the main account of Stripe all ready, you will have to connect it with your WooCommerce. After you do that, you are all set and you can then start using Stripe.

But, this article is all about WooCommerce Apple pay, right? So, the point is how you can activate WooCommerce Apple pay?

That’s because if you want to activate WooCommerce Apple pay, you will also have to activate Stripe.

As we have already activated Stripe, we will continue with the activation of WooCommerce Apple pay.

To activate that, you can’t directly do that from your WooCommerce page. Instead, you will have to open your Stripe account. You can visit the official website of Stripe and then log in to the account. When you log in to the account, you can simply head over to the settings option.

When you go there, you will see the option for Apple pay. You can simply activate the Apple pay from there and you are all set to go.

Thereafter, you can come back to your WooCommerce website and you will see that you have got the Apple pay option. This is how you can activate the WooCommerce Apple pay

Luckily, you don’t need to do any of the other settings, and neither you will have to install any plugin. You can easily activate it from the settings. Thereafter, you can easily activate it.

This is how you can start using Apple Pay on your website. Now, there are some of the things that you need to keep in mind, we will see all about that. This will solve all the questions. In this way, you can be sure that whether you want to keep using WooCommerce Apple pay or you don’t want to enable it.

Things to know about WooCommerce Apple pay

Here are some of the things that you need to know about WooCommerce Apple pay.

  • It will only be accepted if the user or the customer is using any of the supported devices. If they are using any of the supported devices, they can pay using Apple pay.
  • It’s a mobile payment gateway. So, it’s most useful when the customer is using the mobile phone. If you have most of the users using mobile devices and they are also using Apple devices, you should surely activate that plugin. In this way, you will get more sales.
  • The WooCommerce Apple pay is available in all the countries. If Stripe is accepted in your country, you will also get Apple pay. There are no restrictions there. You can surely start using Apple pay if Stripe is supported in your country.
  • There is no extra charge to activate or enable WooCommerce Apple pay. You can easily do it by just spending a couple of minutes.
  • Once you activate WooCommerce Apple pay, the user can also pay using the WooCommerce Apple wallet. So, they can make the payment from the wallet if they have the money. This is how you might get more sales if the user has more money in your wallet.

Why use Apple Pay?

If you are still thinking about whether you should be using the wallet or not, here is the answer.

Faster and Better

Apple pay will increase the checkout speed by 60%. This is how you can make the payments easily. Well, not you but your customers. When the customer can make the payment in just a few seconds, they are more likely to order from you. This is because people love faster checkout. This is why PayPal got so popular. However, now, mobile payments like Apple pay are more effective as they can be used in multiple ways.

More users

Did you know, most Apple users are using Apple Pay? You can surely make the process easier for you. As users are already using Apple pay, they are more likely to buy from you. People love when their favorite payment gateway is on the list. Therefore, you will surely get more sales.

No Efforts

You don’t need to do a completely new process to activate WooCommerce Apple pay. You can surely activate it directly from Stripe. If you are planning to accept that, you can simply enable it within few minutes. In this way, you can easily enable WooCommerce Apple to pay without any effort. That’s the reason why you need to activate it.

One-click checkout

There are no multiple steps when you are doing the online checkout. The entire process can be completed with just one click. When the customer clicks on the checkout, it will simply redirect the user to the app. In this way, the user can easily make the payment.

Multiple Options

You can use multiple options. You don’t need to keep the WooCommerce Apple pay as the only option to pay. You can surely have multiple options to accept the payment. You can surely have the basic Stripe features that are credit and debit cards. You can surely use them.

Reputed and Default Gateway

Stripe is one of the best payment gateways you can go with. Additionally, it’s the default payment gateway. So, you can easily use Stripe as it’s already one of the robust payment gateways that you can go with. In this way, you can easily start accepting the payments.

Final Words

To conclude, this is how you can start accepting WooCommerce Apple pay. You will have to get it from Stripe. You can enable the Stripe payment gateway. You can directly accept the WooCommerce Apple pay from it. You can open the Stripe website and then head over to the settings. When you go to the settings option, you can enable it. Thereafter, you can start using the payment gateway. Apple pay will surely increase the sale and people will buy from you. As they already love your product and they also have their favorite payment gateway, they will buy from you. In this way, you will have more sales and you can scale up your business.

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