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How to start WooCommerce email marketing

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Email marketing has been on the internet for a long time. All the people are using the same thing to drive traffic to their website. You can use email marketing with your WooCommerce store too. It’s super easier to do this. You can easily get started with your email marketing and make your first debut there. You can start sending a marketing email to the existing customers or you can capture leads from the new customers and send them emails. Both of them work perfectly well. This is surely your choice on what you will have to do next.

We will see how you can start WooCommerce email marketing. We will see all the things from the start.

What is Email Marketing in WooCommerce?

Email marketing is a process where you send marketing emails to your leads or your customers. A lead can be any person who enters their email address in your store. They might have subscribed to your blog or they might be your customers. You can send the emails to anyone. All you have to do is advertise your product in the right way.

Here, it’s not just about showing them the product, it’s all about following up and creating a brand presence. If you can do email marketing correctly, you will surely acquire many purchases from visitors.

Honestly, email marketing has become slightly overrated by now. However, it still works. You can surely get a good ROI. As long as you are getting the sales and people are knowing your brand, you can surely try it. Therefore, we have come up with the best guide for email marketing. We will see all the things that you should know about email marketing to get started with it. You can simply follow this guide and see astonishing results in the end.

Target Customer

WooCommerce email marketing

At first, you will have to decide the target audience. In simpler words, you will have to decide what type of email marketing you have to do. There are many types of email marketing you can do.

One of them is for the existing customers. This is the place where you can target the customer that already have an order history with you. The second is for the people who just visited your website once.

If you want to go with the second type of email marketing, you will have to collect the leads. You can’t do the email marketing until you have the email address of them. So, here, you will have to collect their email address. There are many possible techniques that you can use to collect their email address.

We will see some of them in the next section. You can surely use any of them as per your choice. When you start using WooCommerce email marketing, you see a huge increase in sales.

The Optin

Optin in nothing but a widget by which you will collect the email address of the person or the visitor who has visited your website. There are many options you can choose from.

Various popup plugins allow you to collect the email address of any visitor you want. It will simply display the box where user can enter their email address but it’s not this easy, right? You will have to do many things to make sure that they enter their email address.

Here are some of the ideas that you can try. All of them are useful and you can surely try them to see if it’s working for you or not.

  • Give a discount. You can always give a discount to the people and get them to subscribe to your website. You can give a 10% or 20% discount on the first order. The percentage will depend on the profit margin you have. Make sure you are not running in loss. It’s fine to give up the profits but don’t run in the loss.
  • You can always offer a freebie. For example, if you are selling fitness products, you can offer a free fitness book. In the same way, it could be anything such as a free course or you can also offer a product for free. That’s where we are here to the next idea.
  • Offer a product for free. You can easily recover the costs by asking for a small shipping fee.
  • You can always have a blog where you can share things related to your website. This is an easy way you can get what you are looking for. Therefore, you can surely do this too.

Finding the Right Tool

Your next part is where you will have to find the right tool for WooCommerce email marketing. There are many email marketing services or tools that you can use. All these tools allow you to do email marketing. Now, there are so many tools in the market that it becomes hard to select one.

Therefore, we will also see some of the tools you can use. Before that, let’s understand why you will need one of these tools.

Email marketing service is the service using which you can send emails to people. The right tool or service will ensure faster delivery of the emails as well as it will make sure that the emails you are sending don’t lend to the spam folder.

Email marketing is not just about sending emails. You can easily send the emails but it’s a lot more than just sending the emails. You will have to make sure that the emails reach the right people and you will need to identify which are the potential customers.

You can do this if you have proper data and stats of the emails you are sending. If you are using any tools or service, they can surely find the right tools and services that you can use. So, in this way, you can surely depend on the stats and find the related target thereafter. It will automatically remove the inactive subscribers and only keep the active subscribers.

Further, you can have multiple campaigns for this. All these combined will increase the overall quality of the lead.

Let’s have a look at the tools now.


WooCommerce email marketing

We are taking Mailpoet as the first tool only because it has a free plan and is extremely easy to integrate. With Mailpoet, you can send the emails to the subscribers. The best thing is that you don’t even need to move outside of your WordPress website to send the emails. You can easily do all the things directly from your WordPress website without moving out of your website. This is the best reason why you should use Mailpoet. You can surely check out the plugin to know more about it.

Visit Mailpoet


WooCommerce email marketing

The second most popular plugin or service that we will have a look at is Sendinblue. Sendinblue is one of the oldest powerful services that you can use. In recent times, it has gained a lot of popularity among people. You can surely try out this service as it allows you to send emails with ease. You can quickly send the emails to any person. There are many other features available here. You can use the autoresponder or you can create a different list for your subscribers. Either way, you can send as many emails as you want. There are detailed stats available to know your progress. So, you can use all of them together and analyze the traffic accordingly.

Visit Sendinblue


WooCommerce email marketing

You can always use Hubspot for all your marketing needs. It’s a lot more than just an email marketing service. You will get a complete CRM here. There is a free plan that you can use to get started. It will allow you to send a limited number of emails per month. Once you are familiar with it, you can always upgrade your plan and use a different package to ensure email marketing along with others. There are many addons that you can go with along with email marketing. It allows you to set autoresponder and a lot more is available. So, you can surely use all the features and get the best out of them.

Visit Hubspot

How to use these WooCommerce email marketing?

You can easily use these services with the help of a plugin. You can easily use one of the plugins where you can integrate these services.  Each of the services that we allow you to easily integrate service with WordPress and WooCommerce. In simpler words, you can easily set up the plugin.

The main question is which plugin you should use, right? Well, each of the services has its plugin that you can use. The plugin is great and can be used anywhere. Further, you can always use any third-party plugin you want.

Many plugins allow you to send the newsletter. The reason why you need to use the plugin is that they also allow you to capture the leads. Once the leads are captured, you can surely start using the service to send the emails. The emails will capture their attention and you will start getting more customers.

You can surely use third-party plugins. This is the place where you will have to enter the details of the service and the plugin will use their service to send the emails. You can easily configure the plugin whether it’s a third-party plugin or you are using their official plugin.

Once you configure it, you can easily start with the new emails. You can start the first campaign by sending your welcome email or you can just send an announcement where the customer might it useful.

There are many plugins that you can use to do the configuration. You can use any of these as per your wish.

Effective Tips for Email Marketing

Like we mentioned before, it’s not about sending emails to anyone. Email marketing is an art where you will have to make sure that the customer will read your email and then buy the product.

Here are some of the effective tips you can use.

  • Don’t directly go with the sales pitch. If you are sending an email that has the sales pitch directly, it will never work. People aren’t even going to open your emails. Instead, you can provide value and then try to sell your product.
  • Forget about sending the product ads to all the subscribers. Instead, you should only send the emails where you are either introducing new products or you have a huge sale on multiple products.
  • You can surely send email notifications for the people who have added something to their cart. If a person has added something to their cart or wishlist, you should surely send them at least one notification about it. This will increase the sales of your website.
  • Don’t forget to send a follow-up email if they have added something to their cart. A simple follow-up can surely solve the issue.
  • Further, you also send the greetings if there is any festival or on the customer’s birthday. In this way, the customers will feel connected.
  • Remember, don’t try to send all the emails manually and don’t even try to automate the entire process. It should be a combination of both of them.
  • You can always personalize emails by adding the customer’s name to the list. If you do this, it will make the customer feel wanted and they will order from you.
  • Styling and branding is equally important
  • Lastly, don’t forget to check the analysis of the emails and take steps accordingly.

Final Words about WooCommerce email marketing

To conclude, this is how you can start email marketing with ease in your WooCommerce store. If you are doing this, you will increase your sales and revenue. Further, you can also try to see the tips given here. You can use any of the email marketing services and plugins. Don’t forget to be consistent with email marketing. This will help you with the branding of your store as well.

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