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How to Turn Off Related Products in WooCommerce

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Are you a website owner who uses the WooCommerce platform? If so, you know that it’s a great way to upload and manage your products and turn your website into an online store. But did you know that you can customize how those products are displayed on your site? One way to do this is by turning off related products, which can help to streamline the customer experience on your site. Here’s a guide to show you how it’s done.

How To Turn Off Related Products in WooCommerce

The first step is navigating to the “WooCommerce Settings” page. This can be found by going to “Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings” from the left navigation bar. From there, select “Products” from the navigation bar at the top of the page, then click on “Related Products.” You will see an option under Related Products titled “Enable Related Products” with a checkbox beside it. Uncheck this box and click save changes at the bottom of the page, and your related products will no longer show up when viewing individual product pages on your website.

Another great feature of turning off related products is that it allows for more space for other features or content instead. For example, if you have reviews enabled for individual products, they will now have more room to display prominently when someone views your product pages since they won’t be competing with related products for space. Additionally, if you would like some more control over what content displays on each product page when related products are disabled, there are plugins available such as YITH WooCommerce Customize Product Page Layout that allow users to add content blocks and customize them according to their preferences.

One final thing worth noting is that while disabling related products may help with streamlining the customer experience on your website by removing clutter from product pages, it also removes one element of convenience for customers who are browsing for similar items or accessories for their purchases; therefore it should not be used as a replacement for proper categorization of your site’s content or other relevant features such as “You May Also Like” carousels located within product pages or widgets located around different areas of your website’s theme (such as sidebars).


In conclusion, turning off related products in WooCommerce is not difficult and can be done quickly by unchecking one simple box in settings. While disabling this feature may help with streamlining customer experience on product pages, it should not replace proper categorization or alternative features such as “You May Also Like” carousels or widgets around different areas of themes used by websites powered by WooCommerce. With all these considerations taken into account, we hope this guide has helped provide clarity about how to turn off related products in WooCommerce!

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