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How to Update jQuery in WordPress for Improved Performance

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Updating your software is a crucial part of ensuring your website runs optimally. This is especially true when it comes to keeping the jQuery library updated on your WordPress website. If you’re not familiar with jQuery, it’s a JavaScript library that makes user interactions on your website easier and more functional. Let’s break down why updating jQuery is so important, and how to do it in WordPress.

Why Should I Update jQuery?

When new versions of jQuery come out, they usually have improved performance and bug fixes that make using the library smoother and easier. Additionally, if you don’t keep the version of jQuery running on your site up-to-date, you may be missing out on plugin compatibility or other features. Keeping up with updates also means better security for both you and your visitors; outdated plugins can open vulnerabilities in the codebase that hackers can exploit.

Updating Within WordPress

The easiest way to update jQuery is within WordPress itself. The most recent version of the platform includes a feature called Autoupdates, which automatically keeps track of any installed plugins or themes by periodically checking for updates from the developer. It will then download the most recent version available and install it for you whenever an update is released. To enable this setting, go to Settings > General in your WordPress dashboard and check “Enable automatic updates” box under “General Options” section.

Manual Updates If you don’t want to use autoupdates, or if your theme isn’t compatible with them, there are still ways to manually update jQuery yourself without needing coding experience. First off, go into the source code of your page and find which version of jQuery is currently being used; make sure that this matches what’s specified in any plugins or themes you have installed as well. Once you know what version you need to update too, search online for step-by-step guides specific to the version number (for example “jQuery 1.12 Manual Update Guide). This should provide details on how to complete manual updates safely without breaking anything else on your site!


Updating plugins like jQuery are key factors in keeping a website running smoothly and securely at all times—so it’s important that every website owner take steps towards doing so as soon as possible! Whether through Autoupdates within WordPress or through manual steps with step-by-step guides online, updating jQuery can help ensure optimal performance now and into the future . By taking a few moments each month to review any available updates, website owners can help ensure their sites stay safe from malicious attacks while providing visitors with an enjoyable user experience. `}


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