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How to Use Templates Like a Pro in Elementor

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Elementor’s template library is a goldmine for modern website builders. With a vast collection of templates and presets for almost every web design element, it’s no surprise why Elementor is the go-to page builder for many WordPress users. But templates can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to Elementor. In this post, we’ll teach you how to use templates like a pro.

Choose the right template

Elementor offers a vast selection of templates and presets for almost every type of website design element, but that doesn’t mean you should choose any template that catches your eye. Your website’s purpose and your target audience should always determine the template you choose. You can explore various templates by going to the Elementor Templates Library and filtering the templates based on your website’s niche, page type, or style. Narrowing down the options will help you find a template that suits your website and saves you time on customization.

Edit the template

Once you’ve selected your template, it’s time to edit it. Elementor’s intuitive editor makes customization a breeze. Every page element is easily accessible and can be modified according to your needs. You can edit the layout, text, images, and colors. Additionally, you can add new elements, delete ones you don’t need, and rearrange the page structure. All changes are instantly visible, making the design process seamless.

Save your current design as a template

If you’ve customized an existing template and you’d like to use it again, you don’t have to redo the customization process every time. You can save your current design as a template by hitting the “Save Template” option in the Elementor editor. Once you’ve saved the design, you can access it from the “My Templates” option in the Elementor Templates Library.

Import a third-party template

While Elementor’s template library has tons of options, you may come across a third-party template that you love and want to incorporate into your website. Fortunately, Elementor makes this process easy. To import a third-party template, you need to download the template’s JSON file, which you can get from the source. Then, go to the Elementor editor, click the folder icon, select import templates, and choose the JSON file. The template will appear in your template library, and you can customize it to your taste.

Use templates as a starting point

Templates are designed to save you time and streamline the design process, but don’t let them limit your creativity. They should not restrict your design choices. Instead, use templates as a starting point and customize them to fit your brand’s unique identity and voice. Your website is a direct reflection of your brand, and it’s important to add some personal flair to make it stand out from the rest.


Templates are essential tools in website design, and with Elementor, the process is even more comfortable and efficient. To make the most of Elementor templates, remember to choose the right template, edit it to fit your brand’s identity, save it for later use and incorporate third-party templates with ease. Most importantly, use templates as a starting point to bring your unique ideas and style to life. Happy designing!

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